Multicomp II

Multicomp II is the master controller developed by Mattei which allows to optimise the functioning of a compressed air installation of up to 6 compressors.

The system optimises the start-ups, the off-load cycles, and the shutdowns of the connected compressors to meet air demand. Controlling the different compressors by specifying a pressure band allows to avoid energy wastage that settings at high pressures trigger.

The programmable functions are vast and unique to Mattei:

the EQUAL HOURS and the AIR DELIVERY modes have been added to the standard operating modes, that is CASCADE (last-in-first-out) and SEQUENCE (first-in-first-out).


  • A software allows remote visualization of the information regarding each individual compressor and the  line pressure.
  • It also allows to programme the basic functions for the pressure settings, by means of a password and directly from a PC.