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Almost 30 years of collaboration and more than 2,000 compressors installed throughout Portugal: this is the result of the fruitful partnership between Mattei and its local distributor, Rubete Equipamentos Industrias SA. Very diverse industrial sectors have been penetrated; from manufacturing to automotive, and from textiles to the production of foundry moulds.

Since 1989 Mattei has partnered with Rubete Equipamentos SA for the distribution of its rotary vane compressors across Portugal. “The meeting with Mattei came about thanks to another Italian compressor supplier who, aware of the high reliability and efficiency of rotary vane technology, proposed us as a possible partner for the Portuguese market.

After almost 30 years we can say that their instinct was a good one: since then Rubete has installed more than 2,000 Mattei compressors in many highly diversified industrial sectors, from manufacturing to automotive,” says Rubens Garcia, Managing Director of Rubete Equipamentos Industrias SA. Established by Francisco Garcia in 1980 as a company specialising in the production of piston compressors, Rubete soon switched its core business towards the supply of complete solutions for compressed air in industrial environments. Today, Rubete’s head offices in Porto extend over an area of 17,000m2; it employs more than 50 people and generates a turnover of €5.5m. Thanks to an extensive sales network across Portugal, its islands, and also some parts of Spain, its presence within the compressed air market continues to grow. The Mattei partnership with Rubete includes not only the sale of compressors but also the after-sales customer service.


This strong company focus on customer service, in addition to the undisputed quality of rotary vane compressors, is particularly valued by the Portuguese industry, as confirmed by Rubens Garcia: “Our technicians offer impeccable maintenance and service thanks to their continuous vocational training provided by Mattei, who place a lot of importance on up-skilling staff in terms of technological innovations. Our warehouse is always stocked with original Mattei spare parts. Using these, you can take advantage of the extended warranty on the compression unit, and by performing periodic maintenance checks a Mattei industrial compressor has an unlimited lifetime.
Within the range of compressors offered by Rubete, only those of Mattei come with rotary vane technology. “Rubete boasts decades of experience in the compressed air market. We have remained loyal to the exclusive rotary vane technology of Mattei, for the indisputable simplicity and compactness of design, the reliability and silent operation of the compressor, due to the small number of components and low rotation speeds, which also deliver great energy and cost efficiencies” concludes Rubens Garcia.

From Vane Magazine 9, September 2017

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