Maxima and Optima for “relentless” production

Mattei compressors are used by the Bossini Mario company, based in Brescia - Lombardy, to supply the compressed air needed for a production characterized by intense and continuous working cycles.
Founded in 1974, Bossini Mario Srl is a company specialized in hot casting of brass components. Bossini manufactures both solid and bored products, including subsequent machining and processing like shearing, sand blasting and tumbling, to provide maximum customization and great versatility in the applications: from bathroom fixtures to hydraulics, from the thermo-sanitary sector to fittings, all the way to automotive applications.

The heart of the activities is concentrated in the province of Brescia, in the Villa Carcina plant, with forty employees.
The main need of the company is to achieve both constant and continuous production while also guaranteeing the quality and efficiency of the industrial processes. This is why the choice was made to install Mattei rotary vane compressors. This was a important investment, as confirms Paolo Bossini, Director of Production at Bossini Mario Srl: “In 2014, we decided to purchase new compressors to better supply the intense production cycles from 6am to 10pm. Compressors are vital for our activity because they allow all the automated system to run freely, from the presses to the shearing machines”.

OPTIMA_132des_REDInstallation, operations and management of the compressors is overseen by Servizio Assistenza Turina, who takes care of sales and assistance for Mattei products in the Brescia area. “We recommended installing three Mattei machines capable of working at a specific cycle rate aimed at saving energy. The two main compressors are high-efficiency Maxima 110 models, which alternate on a weekly cycle basis. Instead, the variable speed Optima 132 compressor is always in operation as a backup for the other two machines, automatically modulating operations on the basis of the load profile” affirms Mauro Verardi, owner of Servizio Assistenza Turina.

At a distance of a few years now, the installation of the Mattei compressors has given the expected results, as confirms Paolo Bossini: “Maxima and Optima are very good performers because all the compressed air generated is used to operate our machines, without any dispersion. Besides this fact, the adoption of these compressors has allowed us to achieve real energy savings, as well as providing added reductions in maintenance costs”.