In Bulgaria the coffee break is served by Mattei

Spetema Caffe, BC Gorna Bania and Bio Benjamin are three leading industrial companies in the production of coffee, water and chocolate, respectively. Mattei stands by their side by providing compressed air, with their unanimous approval: “We couldn’t have made a better choice; its compressors are reliable, have a long lifespan and need very little maintenance”.

The local distributor LD GmbH, was able to provide compressed air solutions from Mattei Group to Spetema Caffe, BC Gorna Bania and Bio Benjamin. Gencho Zdravkov, Commercial Director of LD GmbH explains: “These companies were all looking for reliable compressors capable of supplying a quality supply of compressed air on a continuous basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mattei’s exclusive rotary vane technology, still little known in our country, was the winning choice and able to meet all of their differing needs”.


To enjoy a good cup of coffee, selecting the right raw materials and knowing how to work them perfectly into a high-quality product is key, and is what Spetema Caffe has excelled at since it was founded in 1999. In twenty years of continuous growth, the company now satisfies Bulgaria’s entire demand for coffee and is considered one of the top companies in the sector through the Balkans. Spetema Caffe’s state-of-the-art, high-tech production facility is in Sofia. The company’s mission is to continuously evolve to be able to capture, understand and anticipate the tastes of coffee lovers. “Some colleagues working in the food sector had recommended Mattei compressors to us for their fantastic energy efficiency,” explains Chief Engineer, Kiril Gydev. “When it comes to rotary vane technology we particularly appreciate its reliability over time, with a lifespan three or four times that of the screw compressors. We wanted a compressor that also reduced energy costs and the latest generation Maxima Xtreme was the perfect solution for our needs”.

After a great cup of coffee, a sip of a water is a must. BC Gorna Bania is one of the local leaders in the production of bottled water and carbonated soft drinks. With a 30% share of the Bulgarian market, it is expanding in Europe, Asia and North America. Mattei compressors are a fundamental part of Gorna Bania’s production, which uses state-of-the-art machinery, supported by cutting-edge technology to offer customers a high quality product. “In order to renew the old compressor fleet, we decided to rely on the experience of LD GmbH”, explains Production Manager, Vasil Stamenkov. “They introduced us to rotary vane technology and recommended the Air Centre series to meet our needs. We immediately noticed the great reliability of the machines that were perfectly capable of delivering high pressure compressed air over long periods of time, as is required for our production”.

To end a relaxing break in the best way, what could be better than enjoying a sublime piece of chocolate? As the chocolate specialist Bio Benjamin reminds us: “Nine out of ten people love chocolate, and the tenth one lies about it.” This young company, founded in Sofia in 2014 by brothers Krassimir and Martin Benjamin has, by its own admission, the desire to revolutionise the world of chocolate production from its base in Bulgaria. Bio Benjamin uses raw material from various South American cooperatives, which is then processed in the Sofia plant, where compressed air from Mattei is used. ”On the advice of one of our partners we decided to switch to Mattei rotary vane technology”, explains founder Krassimir Benjamin. “We therefore turned to LD GmbH, who, with great professionalism and competence, recommended the Blade 7 model to meet our current demands, typical of a young and still relatively small company, but one experiencing rapid growth. After a few years of use, we can say with certainty that Mattei compressors are very reliable, durable, silent and above all require few and very simple maintenance operations”.

Bogdan Stankov, Managing Director of LD GmBH, together with the whole technical team followed the three companies from initial supply to the ongoing servicing of the compressors and conclude by underlining the importance of using quality machines during production processes to obtain excellent finished goods. “For each of their very different demands, the unequivocal choice was Mattei rotary vane technology; in its various formats, from the smallest machines such as Blade 7 to the bigger ones like the AC 75 or Maxima Xtreme range. To be competitive in the Bulgarian market which is growing constantly, you need to be forward-looking and choose the best partners. And thanks to Mattei compressors, this is now the case for Spetema Caffe, bottling company BC Gorna Bania and Bio Benjamin”.


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