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Callipo-Case-Study.pngCallipo, A Century-Long History

Callipo was founded in 1913 by Giacinto Callipo, operating in the fresh tuna processing industry. Callipo was one of the first Italian enterprises to can the prestigious Mediterranean Tuna fish caught using the ‘fixed tuna-fishing net’ system. The quality of the products has always been a core value for the company and in 1926 it was granted a warrant of appointment as Purveyor to the Royal House.

From the ‘50s onwards, business began to expand, growing in terms of turnover and consolidating its position on both domestic and foreign markets. Today the tuna processing plant covers a total area of roughly 34,000 m2 and is equipped with hi-tech machinery and equipment. The decision not to relocate production reflects the precise intent of the owners to guarantee the quality of a product entirely Made in Italy.

With about 200 employees and an annual production of 5,500 tons, Callipo markets 90% of its production in Italy, while the remainder 10% is distributed to EU and non-EU countries. The group currently consists of 6 different companies that, apart from the food industry, also operate in the tourism and sports sectors.

Rotary vane compressors in the food manufacturing cycle

The collaboration between Callipo and Mattei has now reached the thirty years. In 1988 the first ERC compressors were supplied and installed at Callipo Conserve, in 2008 Callipo Gelateria Srl also installed Mattei compressors, and more recently the Optima 60 Plus was installed at Callipo Conserve Alimentari in 2013.

“Compressed air is a fundamental element of the food manufacturing cycle and is used in a multitude of production processes by pneumatic equipment, ranging from processing of raw materials to the treatment of processing sludge," explained Ivan Ieracitano, Technical Division Manager at Callipo. "The machines purchased from Mattei at that time were small sized compressors, but with an enormous production capacity, that easily withstand the heavy duty use they are subjected to."

In particular, the Optima 60 Plus compressors feed the pneumatic systems required to drive the machines used to can and jar the tuna, for the tuna cooking processes regulated by pneumatic valves, for the sterilisation phase of tuna preserve containers and, finally, to drive the packaging system for finished cans and jars. Since then, the collaboration continued over time, with the most recent supply in November 2013:

“It referred to two latest generation Optima 60 Plus compressors, equipped with Inverter, which makes it possible to adapt the operating mode to the actual load, leading to maximum energy efficiency and performance. The machines are also equipped with an integrated refrigerating dryer to supply compressed air free of condensation,” said Flavio Molinari, Sales Manager at Italy Ing. Enea Mattei S.p.A.

“The new Optima 60 Plus compressors have truly brought about a change in the use of compressed air in our systems, in terms of modularity, continuity and reliability. Even during peak load periods, these machines have never shown any sign of any criticality," confirmed Ivan Ieracitano. "The Inverter technology guarantees levels of performance that greatly exceed those of traditional compressors, while also guaranteeing a lower energy impact."

Eco-friendly production

The Callipo Group has always been committed to its research on eco-friendly production methods, using the very latest technological breakthroughs.

“The company’s environmental policy is exceptionally strict and pays great attention to the implementation of energy efficiency: Mattei compressors contribute enormously to this important objective," said Ieracitano. "One of the reasons that most swayed the decision to choose Mattei’s Optima was the Inverter technology as it generates cuts in energy costs and, most importantly, fewer emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere."

The importance of an excellent customer support service, even from a distance

An efficient after sales service is essential to guarantee a fruitful relationship that continues over time, as Ivan Ieracitano explained:

“Another cornerstone of Ing. Enea Mattei SpA is its ongoing and punctual after sales service. When necessary, we receive the feedback we need directly from head office or our nearest service centre. We have signed a scheduled maintenance contract that foresees regular check-ups on the condition of the machines: a service that has proven to be to our total satisfaction”.

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