Mattei and Gruppi Tramelli: upcoming golden anniversary

Elisabetta Tramelli, the daughter of the founder of the longtime Mattei reseller, who for 50 years has been covering the area of Piacenza and lower Lombardy, states with pride the reasons for such a long-standing professional partnership.

Since 1967, Gruppi Tramelli srl provides sales, rental and technical assistance services in the compressed air sector.

Fifty years of history earmarked by the Mattei brand.

Mattei compressors have always been with us. It was the first brand sold by our company. The relationship followed the evolution of the compressed air market, the product innovations and the changes in headquarters and leadership, without ever losing that sense of positive collaboration which has characterized it for half a century”, explains  Elisabetta Tramelli, Managing Director at the lead of the company after her father, Luciano, the first to see the advantages of rotary vane compressors, passed away.

Gruppi Tramelli sells and distributes the most important national and international brands of compressed air systems. “Mattei is a rarity in the compressor market, as regards to the exclusive rotary vane technology and compact and modern design. Also its Italian origin is an added value, extremely appreciated by our customers. Mattei has a long company history and has been operating in the compressed air sector for almost a century, exporting quality products all over the world and competing on equal terms with the biggest international brands”.

gruppi-tramelli_img_3With its extensive knowledge of the world of compressed air and its infinite applications in the industrial sector, the key words at Gruppi Tramelli are “energy saving”. “70% of our customers are extremely demanding regarding energy savings. Our counterparts are very well prepared and demand machines that also meet these requirements – continues  Elisabetta Tramelli – Among the Mattei compressors which already distinguish themselves for their efficiency, the best sellers are those with exceptional energy savings, e.g. the Maxima and Optima series”.

When the first Maxima model was launched in 2002, it was a success. With an innovative product in terms of energy efficiency and continued high quality, customers responded enthusiastically. I remember with great pride that year when Gruppi Tramelli received the Best Maxima Dealer award from Mattei, a worldwide recognition, thanks to the number of compressors sold”.

[From Issue 8, Vane Magazine, April 2017]

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