Even flower vases become eco-sustainable with Mattei


Karl Uhl GmbH in Bochum, with 70 employees and an established world reputation in compressed air, was founded in 1928 and will celebrate 90 years of activity in 2018. Peter Uhl, member of the third family generation to guide the company, has managed to develop it by focusing on the installation, commissioning, customer assistance of both compressors and complete systems for the production of compressed air.

Since 2008, Peter Uhl has established a strong partnership with Mattei, aiming at energy efficiency, and today he is the biggest reseller of Italian Mattei compressors in Germany. Thanks to this strategic choice and to the innovative Mattei rotary vane technology, Karl Uhl GmbH has won over a customer of great value, Scheurich GmbH, a leader in the European market for the production of ceramic vases for indoor and outdoor use, as well as accessories for plants and flowers. Also founded in 1928, Scheurich has its general headquarters in Kleinheubach, on the outskirts of Frankfurt, where it has its main manufacturing center with a daily production of up to 100,000 items, using modern automated systems, including baking ovens and advanced painting booths. In Neukirchen, there is another production plant of the company, specialized in the production of plastic vases.

SCHEURICHScheurich is a first class manufacturing reality, that couples its producing capacity with logistics services of excellence and a company policy earmarked by quality and sustainability. The particular sensitivity towards the environment, which has also been translated into a keen attention to the reduction of energy consumption, has led Scheurich to adopt the Mattei technology since 2015. Three Maxima compressors (with power capacities of 30, 55, and 75 kW) have been purchased to supply the entire production cycle for ceramic flower vases: from the powder paint booths to the vacuum packaging plant.

At the base of the commercial project shared with Scheurich, there was the company’s need to achieve considerable energy savings, by introducing a new system that supplies compressed air in a highly efficient manner. It should be noted that Scheurich uses from 6 to 9 million cubic meters of compressed air annually, with peaks of 34 cubic meters per minute at 6.5 bar of pressure, meaning an high demand and availability for air” explains Peter Uhl, Managing Director of Karl Uhl GmbH.

This is why the Mattei technology and its Maxima high-efficiency compressors, particularly suitable for intensive industrial uses, have been chosen. “We have personally experienced the extraordinary efficiency of Mattei compressors and the favorable return on investment, besides the reduced maintenance costs, the compact design footprint and the innovative control system, which contributes to improve both performance and efficiency on the entire system”, explains Jürgen Wambach, Head of Mechanical Division at Scheurich.

Concrete data are available to prove this improvement. “As part of the support program of BAFA (Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control), Mattei compressors’ energetic efficiency was measured and actually cut annual consumption levels by half, passing from 1.022.000 kW/a to 615.000 kW/a” concludes Wambach.