Spirax sarco

All the pneumatic equipment at the French plant of the world leader in steam technology and thermal energy management are powered by Mattei compressors. Reliability and efficiency are the main reasons for the continued success of this partnership.

Around the world, the brand that is synonymous with excellence in all that concerns the management of steam in production plants is Spirax Sarco, the multinational engineering group specialised in the design, manufacture and supply of complete solutions for steam and thermal energy systems.


With a presence in 62 countries worldwide, 1,600 qualified technicians and 57 personnel training centres, today Spirax Sarco offers a wide range of products and services for steam and other industrial fluid transfer systems across all industrial sectors, from food to shipbuilding, to desalination plants and water treatment facilities. This certified and consolidated expertise in heat exchange, heat recovery and process control are flanked by a strong sensitivity to the impact on our environment. The Spirax Sarco steam plants are designed according to advanced efficiency and sustainability criteria which guarantee energy-saving solutions and allow for the rationalisation of costs, consumption and productivity.

In France, where the multinational is present with a factory and a sales office employing over 250 people, Spirax Sarco has chosen the Mattei Group compressors for the supply of compressed air for its production equipment.

Spiraxsarco“We actually use four Mattei compressors: of 18, 45, 55 and 75 kW, the 45 kW machine will soon be replaced with an Optima 37” explains Manöel Thoreau, Head of Servicing and Maintenance at the French branch. “With no problems after many years of service and actually having the guarantee of a reliable and quality supply of compressed air in all the different phases of our production process, the reconfirmation of Mattei was the obvious choice for us and gives us clear continuity”.

Clement Materiel Services (C.M.S.) have been Mattei distributors for nearly 15 years in centre of France. C.M.S. is recognised for its quality after-sales support and expertise when it comes to compressed air installations. Numerous large international companies have put their trust in C.M.S. of late.

Initially it was C.M.S who introduced the rotary vane technology to Spirax Sarco: “He proposed them to us and after having installed the first one, we continued with that choice for all the other compressors. Over time we have been able to adapt the supply of compressed air to our needs, with the introduction of the Optima series of variable speed compressors. The advantages were undoubtable in many aspects: from the reduced consumption of electricity which is in line with our corporate values, to the possibility of benefitting from economic and fiscal incentives through the purchase of new machines”.

There is huge satisfaction for the collaboration also in the words of Michel Villessot, Area Sales Manager of Mattei France: “We are particularly proud that a company at the forefront in engineering such as Spirax Sarco has continually renewed their choice for our compressors, appreciating their reliability and technology, as well as their remarkable qualities in energy efficiency”.

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