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Commercial vans and short-haul trucks dominate today´s urban landscape and represent the fastest growing sector of road traffic in much of Europe. Vans offer more cargo loading-space, easy manoeuvrability and better fuel efficiency, at lower prices than traditional lorries and trucks.

Drawing on a wealth of commercial vehicle and truck-bodybuilding experience in mobile air conditioning and refrigerating-systems, Thermo King Berlin Transportkälte GmbH recently partnered with Mattei to diversify their product range, picking up on previous experience with engine-mounted mobile air compressors. Having taken the time to get to know one another with an open exchange of mutually beneficial market knowledge, Thermo King has introduced Mattei rotary-vane technology along with tried and tested intra-Group knowhow from Mattei´s 2015 acquisition of the British vehicle-mounted, power solutions provider, Winton Engineering.

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Every mobile fleet needs a source of power they can rely on. In terms of compressed air, it is still common place to see tow-behind compressors or skid-mounted units installed in the cargo loading-bay of the vehicle - in both cases, alternatives to such technologies are not well known. Jörn-Erik Melzer – Technical Sales at Thermo King´s Customer Centre in Ahrensfelde, near Berlin - “Based on our previous experience with under bonnet, engine mounted compressors we were very familiar with the concept and technology, albeit limited to screw-compressor technology at that time. We knew we were onto a winner but were only scraping the surface of the market potential. We were held back from significant growth by the limitations of the technology we were using.”
“Having been introduced to Mattei Rotary-Vane Technology, seeing the benefits of under-floor installation and experiencing the impressive volume of vehicle conversions managed daily by Winton Engineering, we knew we had found the right partner to make significant inroads into the German market.” – Jörn-Erik Melzer.

shutterstock_39386932_thermo_kingToday, 3,5t commercial vans are the heaviest which can be driven on a standard class B European driving license, which in turn makes them the most common mobile workshops on wheels. In the German market, where Thermo King principally operate, the increase in new vehicle registrations has been further enhanced by the abolishment of national service and the elimination of an annual stream of 15.000 heavy-duty driver’s license holders.

With the introduction of Euro 6 emission standards in September 2016 most commercial vehicles have seen an increase in their overall weight by the addition of an AdBlue tank. Even more reason to consider lightweight, underfloor compressed air generation to fully utilize the reduced pay-load now available and optimize loading-bay capacity to the full for workshop tools and equipment.

Thermo King Berlin-01As cities prioritize the air quality agenda and introduce greater restrictions to inner-city access,EPA standards will continue to rise and may start to exclude tow-behind diesel-powered compressors entirely.Using an “On-Vehicle” compressed air source and in doing so eliminating anadditional combustion engine, exhaust fumes are reduced, and emissions become managed via the vehicle´s already efficient exhaust system. The installation of a lightweight, quiet, vibration and pulse free compressed air and electricity source also reduces overall mass and strain on the vehicle, saving on wear & tear, cutting maintenance and lifetime costs and improving fuel consumption in general.

“We are very pleased with Mattei compressors and their on-vehicle-packages, consisting of a range of electrical generators, proprietary PTO, controls and ancillary equipment. Above all, their willingness to share knowledge, train our technicians and establish a close, informal but productive partnership with our business is paving the way to success.”

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