The company Verardi di Verardi Mauro & C. Snc, managed by the Verardi family for three generations, meets the needs of every industrial firms in the Brescia area by offering sales, rental and assistance support services. It has done so by combining its experience with the quality of the Mattei compressors.

Mauro Verardi is the owner of Verardi di Verardi Mauro & C. Snc, based in Ospitaletto, Lombardy, which for 45 years has been providing a full range of compressed air services: “It was my father, Olimpio, who started the partnership with Mattei in the 1970s and from there the relationship has continued uninterrupted whilst growing steadily in terms of revenue on both sides”.


Experience, reliability and efficiency are the characteristics that best describe the secret of this partnership. “We believe in the superiority of Mattei rotary vane technology against the
compressors of other manufacturers and we have always underlined this belief by never opening the door to other competing brands. The awareness of selling a superior product, coupled with
our commitment and experience has helped us grow so much that we have recently had to double the covered area of our warehouses” says Mauro Verardi.

“Today me and my son, Andrea, along with 14 other employees are able to offer our customers a full service: from requirements analysis at the planning stage, installation & testing, through to
scheduled or emergency maintenance work. Flexibility and completeness are our strengths”.
A modus operandi which is very close to that of Mattei in terms of customisation and customer care. Another aspect that unites the two companies is the huge effort put into inspiring energy-saving solutions. “Energy-saving is a primary goal for us, and Mattei products help us to reach that goal”, explains Mauro Verardi. “In recent years we’ve been focusing our efforts on designing
efficient compressed air systems that will help our customers to obtain real savings in energy and cost. It is no coincidence that the machines which sell the most by far are the variable
speed ranges. The Optima compressor with its inverter allows you to calibrate the air flow rates according to the actual industrial demands. It is often combined with the Mattei heat recovery system, which provides an efficient means of re-using the compressor heat for hot sanitary water or for space heating production”. A key part of our work is the after-sales maintenance service:
“The Mattei compressors are reliable over time and as a result the majority of our work is scheduled maintenance. For the management of the servicing we are helped by the control units installed on the compressors which thanks to remote control can be carried out by technicians in our premises. Any possible anomalies are also flagged up in order that we can respond within 24 hours meaning that the customer really doesn’t have anything to worry about”.

Mauro Verardi concludes: “Another factor appreciated by our clients is the extended warranty offered by Mattei for the compressor; another benefit they gain from using original spare parts, which are essential to preserve the compressor quality over time”.

[From Issue 10, Vane Magazine, December 2018]

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