Hannover Messe: Innovation and Tradition

At Hannover Messe, Mattei Group celebrated one hundred years since its founding, with tributes to both its history and projects for the future

Vimodrone, April 2019 – The Mattei Group participation at the latest edition of ComVac went down in grand style, having a combined focus of tradition and innovation.

Whilst the “futuristic” stand with numerous references to natural elements, reflected the “green” soul of the latest generation compressors, references to tradition were not missing, allowing it to also celebrate 100 years since its foundation back in 1919 at the hands of Ing. Enea Mattei.

IMG_2941Mattei has always been a pioneer in the compressed air sector, since the end of the 1950s when the decision was taken to abandon the classic piston technology, switching to the more innovative but little known rotary vane technology, and making it known as a point of excellence throughout the world. Today the commitment of Mattei is to continuously focus on improving the energy efficiency of the compressors. “As the state of health of our planet has worsened, Mattei has focused even more than ever to reduce global warming by offering ever more efficient and reliable solutions across industrial, transport and the oil & gas sectors” explains Giulio Contaldi, CEO Mattei Group.

At Hannover Messe therefore, alongside the video tribute to the history of Mattei and to the men who have led that journey, the stand was transformed to reflect the “green” philosophy of the company. “In recent years we have further strengthened our commitment to combining environmental sustainability and energy savings, with the aim of reducing consumption, whilst offering a significant payback to our customers for their investment. We continue to make huge investments in research and development, also through long-standing collaborations with prestigious institutions such as the Polytechnic University of Milan and the University of L’Aquila” continues Contaldi.

IMG-20190331-WA0015The minimal stand featured just one single compressor: Mattei Xtreme 90i, a high-efficiency model that guarantees high performance, thanks to the 1:1 ratio between the electric motor and the airend. Equipped with an inverter, the machine adapts its operations to the load profile of the network, maximising energy savings by up to 35%. The compressor is equipped with numerous devices including the latest generation airend, a variable-speed electronic fan and a thermostatic valve electronically controlled by the Maestro XC controller, to give the maximum flexibility of usage and the highest levels of efficiency. The new Xtreme 90i machine is the solution that guarantees the best specific energy consumption on the market.

20190401_132601It was a special edition this year, rich in emotions. We envisioned a stand that would take the visitor on a virtual journey, from the roots of Mattei and on into the future, embodied in the innovative Xtreme 90i range, on which we wanted to focus all the spotlights. After a century rich in history and achievements, this machine represents for us a new starting point; the result of our great efforts in the search for energy saving solutions. The Mattei Xtreme 90i is the product that today best represents the green soul of Mattei” concludes Silvia Contaldi, CFO, Mattei Group, who alongside her brother, Giulio, is ready to lead this family business towards the challenges of the future.

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