Hannover Messe: Mattei in “total green”

MATTEI GROUP MARKs its 100TH ANNIVERSARY WITH THE PRESENTATION OF The new, high-efficiency Xtreme range, SHOWCASING EXTRAORDINARY INNOVATION IN SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY AND reaffirming their commitment to curbing global warming.

Vimodrone, March 2019 – Mattei Group celebrates 100 years since its foundation by welcoming guests at Hannover Messe to demonstrate unparalleled developments in technical innovation and sustainability.

Founded in 1919 by Ing. Enea Mattei, the multinational group have been pioneers in rotary vane technology since the late 1950s, when the company made the forward-thinking decision to replace its traditional piston machines with rotary vane air compressors, introducing a new era of durable, ultra-reliable machines.

Today, the Mattei brand continues to be synonymous with Italian know-how and quality in the compressed air sector.  Long term reliability, efficiency, quietness and compactness remain the hallmarks of Mattei compressors. In recent years, the company has invested heavily in research and development, in order to continuously improve energy efficiency of the compressors, obtaining results that place their machines at the top of performance rankings.

Mattei's green approach will be on stage in Hannover, emphasising their commitment to environmental sustainability and significantly reduced energy consumption, resulting in clear-cut savings in energy bills for the customer. The futuristic, minimalistic stand embodies the group's philosophy of energy efficiency and low environmental impact, saving the customer money while saving the planet. 

MATTEI stand 1

The highlight of the show will be the new high-efficiency Mattei Xtreme 90i range, 2019 edition: compressors that guarantee high performance, thanks to a 1:1 ratio between the speed of the electric motors and the pumping units. The latest generation of compressors are equipped with inverters, which adapt operation according to the load profile required by the network, maximising energy savings. The inverters allow changes to the rotation speed of the motors and manual adjustments to the air flow delivered to the compressors at the required level. This revolutionary new range of machines offers customers the potential to achieve energy savings of up to 35%, are nearly silent when in use, and are extremely easy to operate.

The main issues of innovation throughout this new range of compressors relate to fluid-dynamics, oil-injection and state-of-the art control. With a new touch-screen controller, Maestro XC, which possesses its own web-server, it is possible to communicate directly with the compressor, checking and monitoring data in real-time via the dedicated Mattei access-portal.

The Xtreme 90i machine is also distinguished by a thermostatic valve, which is controlled electronically by the Maestro XC controller, offering flexibility of use and increased energy efficiency even when faced with extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. In fact, the combined use of the valves with electronically-controlled fans makes it possible to set up thermal regulation strategies best-suited to the machines' specific working environments and requirements.

The centennial logo embodies Mattei Group's values today, with the iconic Mattei brand  "M"  nestled within a green human profile defined by arrows acknowledging the company's technological evolution from its incredible past to a rich future of innovation aimed at curbing global warming, one compressor at a time.

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