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MAXIMA 55-75

When a steady flow of compressed air supplied for a prolonged period of time is needed, Maxima 55-75 air compressors, which are fitted with a dual electric fan and the soft start system, are the ideal solution to cut production costs and energy consumption.
Flow rate from 11.45 to 15.93 m³/min.
Powers of 55 and 75 kW.


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  • Soundproofed Plus version with integrated drier: fitted with direct expansion, air-cooled refrigerated compressed air dryers filled with environmentally friendly gas, which translate to a full, yet particularly compact, system. Particularly suitable for applications where dry, moisture-free air is of crucial importance for production.
  • Soundproofed R version with heat recovery kit: recovers the heat produced during the compressor's operation and makes it available for heating water for industrial or domestic use. 
  • Soundproofed W version fully water-cooled: it cools oil and air entirely with water and is suitable for environments where the heat produced by the compression process is particularly complex to dissipate.


Energy Savings

Equipped with IE3 efficiency class electric motor, Maxima 55-75 series compressors ensure an energy consumption per m³/min of air among the lowest in their category. The low rotation speed of the air end (only 1.000 rpm at 50 Hz) and the 1:1 direct coupling between the electric motor and the compressor allow energy savings of more than 15% compared to other rotary compressors.

Soft Start

This solution starts the motor progressively, thus drastically reducing the power used during this particular phase. Limiting the absorption means reducing electrical and mechanical stress of the machine and the system, and reducing energy consumption.

Dual Speed Cooling

A dual speed electric fan that senses heat changes ensures constant internal compressor temperature, by increasing or decreasing the cooling air flow.

Simple, Economical Maintenance

Maintenance is limited to changing the oil at scheduled intervals, cleaning or changing the air filter and cleaning the radiator.
The absence of rolling bearings contributes significantly to reducing maintenance costs.
These costs are however low because the vanes, rotor and stator have an almost unlimited life if proper maintenance is performed. Over 100,000 hours of operation are guaranteed without the need to replace the compression unit.

Compact Design and Silent Operation

The compact design and small footprint allow installation even in confined spaces. Large hinged doors and easily removable panels allow complete accessibility for all maintenance and service operations. The base is equipped with openings that permit easy lifting and handling.
Mattei air compressors are coated with epoxy powders, resistant to both corrosion and scratches. They are also coated inside with abundant soundproofing material.

Quality Air

The 99% efficient filtration system ensures quality compressed air for every application, while the special multi-stage oil separation guarantees a residual oil content in the air of less than 3 mg/m³.


Electronic Control

Maxima 55-75 compressors are equipped with the exclusive Maestro XS electronic controller that makes it possible to control, monitor and program the compressor's operation. The unit can also be controlled remotely via a PC connection.

    Model Max. Operating Pressure Max. F.A.D. Sound Pressure Level Power
    400V/50Hz/3 bar(g) psig m3/min cfm dB(A) kW hp
    MAXIMA 55 8 116 11,45 404 68 55 75
    MAXIMA 75 8 116 15,93 562 68 75 100
    MAXIMA 55 8 116 13,5 477 69 55 75
    MAXIMA 75 8 116 17,3 611 69 75 100


    Model Length Width Height Weight
    400V/50Hz/3 mm inch mm inch mm inch kg lbs
    MAXIMA 55 2420 95 1245 49 1890 74 1710 3762
    MAXIMA 75 2420 95 1245 49 1890 74 2240 4928


    Model Length Width Height Weight
    460V/60Hz/3 mm inch mm inch mm inch kg lbs
    MAXIMA 55 2420 95 1245 49 1890 74 1710 3762
    MAXIMA 75 2420 95 1245 49 1890 74 2240 4928


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They remove impurities, contamination and condensation to deliver the highest quality compressed air.

T4_Prodotti correlati_SUPERVISORI

Designed to control and monitor compressed air production systems.

T4_Prodotti correlati_RECUPERO ENERGETICO

They allow to recover up to 80% of the heat energy generated by the production of compressed air.

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Even flower vases become eco-sustainable with Mattei


Curtiriso is a member of the Euricom SpA group specialized in processing and packaging rice and rice-based products.


Conifex Timber Inc., a leading next generation forestry company recently installed the Mattei rotary vane compressor technology at its location.



Mattei offers a wide range of vane compressor models that perfectly meet the specific needs of the transport industry.


The reliability of Mattei compressors, the high quality standards of the delivered compressed air and the compliance with the industry regulations, make them ideal to be used in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.


Reduced operating costs, environmental sustainability and extreme purity of the air supplied make Mattei compressors suitable for all processes in the food industry.


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