Atmospheric air contains water vapor and impurities, like oil and dust, which can be detrimental to industrial processes. It's critical that compressed air is clean and dry before it is used. Otherwise, contaminants can damage equipment or find their way into a final product, which can be extremely costly.

The goal of Mattei’s compressors is to provide high-quality compressed air that is both clean and dry, i.e. free from any element that might reduce efficiency and reliability. Once the function of compressed air through the production process has been precisely identified, it is important to accurately and thoroughly select the best possible combination of air treatment accessories, in order to optimize the available resources and reduce waste.


Mattei’s complete line of advanced drying solutions, including both adsorption and refrigeration dryers, can be used to remove condensate from compressors, thereby preventing damage to compressed air distribution systems. Provide the best quality of air for your application with an advanced drying solution from Ing. Enea Mattei S.p.A.

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Enhance the quality of your compressed air with an advanced filtering solution from Ing. Enea Mattei S.p.A. The installation of Mattei’s FM Series filters guarantees cleaner compressed air. Their function is to separate air impurities, through a multi-stage process. Mattei's filters, each with its own specific function to further enhance purification operations, includes anti-dust filters, pre-filters and oil-removing filters.

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The condensed water inside the compression chamber will contain particles of the oil used as compressor lubricant/coolant, in addition to airborne contaminants, are drawn into the compressor from the atmosphere. To discharge the water into the drainage, the condensate will first have to be purified. This can be done easily and successfully using the Mattei Oil-Water Separator (MOS) Series.

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Air contains water in the form of vapor, which varies depending on the climate and season. It is necessary to use cyclone separators, into which water drops are swept away as a result of the turbulence and discharged through special drains.

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The Importance of Air Treatment

Oil particles are present in atmospheric air due to emissions from vehicles and industrial processes. The oil particles in the air can cool and condense in air compressor systems, resulting in reduced efficiency and increased downtime. Even though our rotary vane compressors use a relatively small amount of oil-based lubricants, high-quality air filtration is absolutely necessary.

However, oil is not the only culprit. Other common air contaminants include water vapor, dirt, aerosols, and microorganisms—which must be removed from the compressed air stream to ensure the purity of finished parts and the continual integrity of air compressor components.

Filter-2.jpgCutting-Edge Air Treatment Solutions

By using a Mattei compressor combined with the right air treatment accessories, all traces of water vapor and impurities are removed before the compression stage to ensure that systems run with optimal efficiency and reliability. Many of our compressors come with an air filter installed as an integral component of the machine—these compressors are simply connected to an electric motor and the air main before they are ready to use safely and efficiently.

Furthermore, all of our products come with our quality guarantee. Our manufacturing processes meet the strictest standards for quality management and are ISO 9001 certified.

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