Maxima series

Maxima series rotary vane compressors are designed with particular focus on energy savings and environmental protection; they are specifically designed for those who need constant, steady compressed air for prolonged periods of time and for applications requiring compressed air at full capacity.

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Main technical features of the Maxima series:

  • “Soft Start” to start the motor progressively, thus allowing a drastic reduction in the power used during this phase (available in the 55kW versions or higher);
  • the speed of the pumping unit is only 1000 rpm;
  • “Maestro XS” electronic controller to monitor and program the operation of the compressor, which can also be done remotely by connecting a PC. Thanks to its internal memory, Maestro XS remembers the setting and operation data, even without a power supply;
  • a dual speed electric fan cooling system that senses heat changes to ensure constant internal temperature by increasing or decreasing the cooling air flow (available in the 55kW versions or higher).

In conditions requiring a constant, uniform supply of compressed air, Maxima 30 air compressors are the best solution to save energy.
Power of 30 kW
F.A.D. 6.45 m³/min


When a steady flow of compressed air supplied for a prolonged period of time is needed, Maxima 110 air compressors are the ideal solution to cut production costs and energy consumption.
Power of 110 kW
F.A.D. 23.35 m³/min


When a steady flow of compressed air supplied for a prolonged period of time is needed, Maxima 160 air compressors ensure savings both in terms of energy and operating costs.
Power of 160 kW
F.A.D. 31.14 m³/min


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