The answers to the most frequently asked questions.

In the world of compressors there are many assembling companies and a few manufacturers. Mattei is one of the latter. We have decided to invest in vane technology because we believe it is the most efficient and reliable solution to meet the requirements of our customers. Designing a rotary vane compressor is not easy, it requires knowledge and skills. Mattei has been operating in the compressed air market for more than 100 years, improving its knowledge year after year, thanks to the experience gained and professional skills.

Because it is the most efficient and the only one that improves this feature over time.
Because it is an industrial product but made with care, attention to detail and pride. Because it can work continuously and for long periods, always providing quality air.
Because its maintenance and management costs are among the best on the market. Because it can be customised and used in applications where other technologies cannot fit.
Because it is guaranteed and original.

The particular design makes Mattei compressors probably the easiest and fastest to install.

Under normal conditions of use, Mattei vanes never need to be replaced and are guaranteed for 10 years.

Mattei compressors ensure more than 100,000 hour of operation with no component replacement and no significant overhaul required. The long service life of a Mattei compressor is possible due to the vane design, air end low rotation speed and limited number of moving parts.

NO bearings are used in Mattei rotary compressors. Unlike other rotary and alternative technologies, Mattei vane compressors provide very low noise emissions and are extremely safe, even in the version without sound insulation.

Large hinged doors and easily removable panels allow complete accessibility for all maintenance and service operations. The base is equipped with anchoring points allowing easy lifting and handling.

When reliability and safety are essential conditions, Mattei is the right choice. The different configurations of Mattei compressors allows operating efficiently even in critical environmental conditions, as it is often the case in many manufacturing industries.

Lubricant is extremely important in the air cooling process and ensures perfect sealing of parts. Mattei compressors offer the best possible air with a lubricated system.