Air compressors for the food industry

Reduced operating costs, environmental sustainability and extreme purity of the air supplied make Mattei compressors suitable for all processes in the food industry.

How to choose your compressor

Choosing an air compressor must hinge on the specific production and environmental characteristics of this industry.

Compressed air in the food industry

Compressed air is a reliable source of energy widely used by companies in the food industry, both for the automation of production lines and in processes that directly affect product processing and preparation


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Compressed air is used to operate the systems intended for the transport and processing of raw materials, from sorting to mixing, from aeration of substances to forming in containers. It is necessary in canning and potting processes, where pressure closing machinery is required, in sterilising containers and also in drying and cooking many foods.

These are production cycles that involve 24/7 processing, and require machines with adequate performance, reliable over the long term and with an excellent balance between performance and energy consumption. In addition to all these requirements, in the food industry there is also a fundamental condition that compressors must guarantee: the quality of the air supplied.




The importance of air treatment in food processing

In processes handling food and drinks, compressed air must be absolutely clean and free of contamination to protect consumer health. The contaminants associated with compressed air can be of different types: solid particles, condensate water, residues of oil used for compressor lubrication. Other threats are related to the presence of microbiological organisms such as bacteria, which can be transported and spread through the system.

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In particular, in processes where the compressed air comes into direct contact with the food, a very accurate check to avoid any contaminants related to the phases of compression, distribution and delivery of air is required; moreover, the features of the lubricant used by the compressor must be specific. 

Once the role of compressed air in the various production phases has been identified, it is essential to scrupulously select the best possible combination of air treatment accessories with which to equip the system. Mattei complete range of dryers and filtration systems fully meets these requirements.

Low operating costs and environmental sustainability

Using particularly efficient compressors, able to guarantee excellent performance with lower energy consumption is a fundamental element for the food industry, where compressed air is used in a cross-cutting manner in the production cycles. 

Thanks to the particular construction design and to the low motor speed, Mattei rotary vane compressors meet these needs allowing for 15% savings compared to other rotary compressors. In the case of the Maxima and Optima models, savings on consumption can be up to 35%.

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Moreover, the vane construction technology requires less maintenance operations to replace worn components: this advantage allows you to further reduce operating costs, so that Mattei compressors can boast the lowest Life Cycle Cost on the market. By helping to limit climate-altering emissions, the energy efficiency of the compressors is also fundamental to making production eco-sustainable, a factor closely linked to the “green” image of companies in the food industry.

The benefits of Mattei compressors for the food industry

The benefits of Mattei compressors for the food industry perfectly meet the specific requirements thanks to their characteristics:

  • greater energy efficiency thanks to the vane technology that allows energy savings up to 15% and higher environment standards compared to other rotary compressors;
  • reduced maintenance costs thanks to the construction design that minimises the interventions for component replacement;
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  • compressed air free of impurities, humidity and other contamination, thanks to the range of filtration systems and dryers, ideal also in processes in which the air comes into contact with the product; the line filters perform specific functions, starting from a first dust-proof stage and ending with deoiling filters;
  • wide and versatile range that allows meeting the most diverse compressed air requirements in the production cycles;
  • supervision and control systems that allow for a more effective energy and cost-efficient configuration of the compressor room;
  • possibility to create customised solutions, for specific applications of production processes.