Air compressors for the people and goods transport industry

Mattei offers a wide range of vane compressor models that perfectly meet the specific needs of the transport industry.

How to choose your compressor

Choosing an air compressor must hinge on the specific production and environmental characteristics of this industry.

Main needs of the transport industry

The people and goods transport industry, whether on wheels or on rails, uses compressed air for many on-board drives (electric, hydraulic, endothermic motors or PTO drives).

The operating conditions are often extreme, especially in the case of rail transport where vibrations and external temperatures can compromise the proper operation of the compressor.

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Noise pollution is also a very important factor, which becomes decisive in the case of electric vehicles: compressors are generally mounted at human height and it is therefore essential to reduce noise as much as possible.

In addition, the overall dimensions must be limited: machinery capable of adapting to small and easily accessible spaces is required, so that maintenance activities can be carried out easily and in the shortest possible time.

Furthermore, compressed air is often used for critical systems, such as, for example, the braking system, air suspensions or the opening and closing of doors. Operation must therefore be guaranteed in all conditions and for long periods of time without interruption.



Energy demand and sustainable mobility

The transport industry, which is fundamental to our economy, is responsible for more than 20% of global energy consumption and 50% of the demand for fossil fuels derived from oil. Its negative impact on the environment is therefore significant and growing.

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For this reason, sustainable mobility is now a central issue at a global level and the adoption of all technologies capable of reducing energy consumption and preserving the environment, without increasing operating costs, is the obligatory choice of public administrations and companies in the sector.

The benefits of Mattei compressors for the transport industry

The transport industry is one of the best areas for the application of vane technology. Mattei boasts a well-established know-how in this industry, offering dedicated products that guarantee:

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  • 15% energy savings thanks to the rotary vane technology;
  • excellent investment thanks to the lowest Life Cycle Cost on the market
  • reduced maintenance thanks to the absence of ball bearings or thrust bearings, which are present instead in screw compressors. In applications for electric vehicles, Mattei compressors are available with more than 35,000 hours of operation with original vanes and brass bearings;
  • compact size that allows perfect integration in small spaces;
  • easy installation: thanks to the flexibility of the construction design, Mattei compressors can also be positioned on the roof of vehicles or underneath them;
  • low noise and absence of vibrations thanks to the low rotation speed and the reduced number of moving components. Vane technology ensures their safety and silent operation even in the absence of external bodywork;
  • reliability and resistance to external environmental conditions, corrosion and scratches;
  • custom solutions designed and tailored to meet specific needs;
  • modularity of components to facilitate maintenance operations.


The ideal compressors for electric and hybrid mobility

Always attentive to the environment and new eco-friendly technologies, Mattei has developed a range of electric compressors with superior functionality and reliability characteristics to meet the needs of compressed air in the sector of e-mobility.



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The vane technology ensures high quality compressed air, extremely compact size of the pumping unit, low noise level and low weight. All accompanied by an undisputed reliability of the product, in any application condition.