Air compressors for the woodworking industry

Energy efficiency and quality of the supplied air make Mattei's compressors suitable for all stages of woodworking.

How to choose your compressor

Choosing an air compressor must hinge on the specific production and environmental characteristics of this industry.

Compressed air in the woodworking industry

Large carpenter’s workshops as well as smaller businesses use compressed air throughout the entire woodworking cycle: cutting, drying, finishing activities (such as sandblasting, grinding, painting), sawdust removal, operation of pneumatic tools or large machinery.

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Since compressed air is used from production to wood finishing, this sector needs to equip its production lines with several machines with different characteristics: from small compressors that can be easily handled to high power stationary compressors.
In order to correctly configure the compressor to be destined to the different applications, it is very important to precisely know the compressed air demand for each of them and to look for, among the various alternatives, the one which, in the established amortisation time and on the basis of other functional specifications, ensures the lowest energy consumption.

It is also necessary to evaluate the need for a supervision and management system that, according to functional and optimisation criteria, is able to modulate air production according to the load profile and monitor the correct operation of the single compressor or compressor room.



Reduction of operating costs

When using compressed air on a large scale, this sector must manage a significant electrical consumption, it is thus essential to rely on compressors that can guarantee maximum energy savings.

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All Mattei’s compressors are characterised by a particularly efficient construction design for the production of compressed air and by a low rotation speed. This translates into high performance and energy savings of over 15% compared to other rotary compressors. They are also designed to reach 100,000 hours of operation without the need to replace the vanes or any metal parts. The increased efficiency and components used allow Mattei’s compressors to position on the market with the lowest Life Cycle Cost.

Woodworking in critical environmental conditions

The most critical issue in the woodworking industry is the contamination of air caused by dust and wood residues, in the face of the need for extremely clean air, especially for processes such as painting. Compressors compress the air they draw in from the environment, so they must be equipped with a high-performance filtering system to avoid affecting the operation of the machine and damaging the finished product.

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Mattei faces these critical issues by equipping its compressors with a first-class filtering system that ensures extremely clean compressed air delivery. It also offers a wide range of high efficiency filters able to guarantee 99.99% oil-free air.

The benefits of Mattei compressors for the woodworking industry

Mattei compressors offer quality and performance characteristics suitable for any request for compressed air in the woodworking industry: 

  • greater energy efficiency thanks to the vane technology that allows savings up to 15% and higher environment standards compared to  other rotary compressors;
  • compressed air free from impurities thanks to a system that separates the oil from the air in different stages and an efficient filtering system, ideal for critical processes that affect the quality of the finished product;
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  • reduced maintenance costs thanks to the construction design that minimises the interventions for component replacement;
  • wide and versatile range that allows meeting the most diverse compressed air requests;
  • easy to install: their compact size allows for a quick and space-saving installation. The compact design makes maintenance easy and intuitive; 
  • possibility to create customised solutions, for specific applications or critical environmental conditions.