Control Systems

Manage, control and timely operate on the air compression system is essential to avoid electricity waste and improve the system performance.

Mattei offers three different control systems (Maestro XS, XB, XC) able to adapt the air compressor operation to the specific needs of the network to which it is connected. All systems feature several programming levels and the possibility of controlling and analysing the compressor operation and detecting any anomalies. The advanced programming and analysis levels are protected with digital codes to prevent unintended tampering. The internal memory remembers the settings and data also in lack of power supply. Remote management through web interface or smartphone and LAN network integration of the different models or network connection with other control devices are provided.


It allows the optimal management of the compressor, increasing efficiency and reducing waste.


It adapts the operation of a compressor to network requirements, thus ensuring optimal and efficient management.


It may be integrated into any other system, and is the most advanced solution to manage and monitor compressor operation in view of energy efficiency and environmental protection.


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Energy Saving Lubricated Compressors

This model ensures energy savings up to 15% in comparison with other rotary compressors.

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Lubricated Compressors

Designed to cater for the most challenging needs of our customers while eliminating energy waste.

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Customised Solutions

Designed to meet specific requirements in the industry and service fields.

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Master Controllers

Designed to control and monitor compressed air production systems.

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