A quality compressed air supply needs to be dry. The use of Mattei’s dryers removes the condensate from the compressors, preventing any damage to the compressed air distribution system. The presence of water in a system can cause leaks in pipes and increase the risk of damage to machinery and pneumatic devices. Also some applications require dry air in order to ensure a better quality of the final products.

Mattei’s complete line of advanced drying solutions, including both adsorption and refrigeration dryers, can be used to remove condensate from compressors, thereby preventing damage to compressed air distribution systems.

Adsorption Dryers

Our adsorption (desiccant) dryers feature a compact design that can be installed as needed at the most critical plant locations. These dryers are heatless but still produce superior pressure dew points at low purge rates by using desiccant material to attract and adsorb water molecules.



Refrigeration Dryers

Refrigerated air dryers remove moisture from compressed air using an energy efficient process with relatively low pressure differentials. The addition of an environmentally friendly refrigerant keeps dew points stable, resulting in superior performance.

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