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In this article we take a look at Mattei, seen through the eyes of those who have worked here for a long time and of those who have just joined the company.

Mattei is a company made up of people who work day in and day out with commitment and enthusiasm for their work towards a single objective: to contribute to the creation of a unique product in the compressed air market, for 100 years.

Whether it’s a long-standing employee or a new starter in their first weeks, those who work in Mattei are proud to be part of a historic success story on the Italian industrial scene and are ready to take on the new challenges launched by a company that never tires of innovating. Matteo Giorgetti joined in February 2019 as the new Sales Area Manager for Italy, Spain and Russia: “After twelve years in sales for a large multinational in the compressed air sector, I was attracted by Mattei as it stands out from the competition. A smaller company, but well structured, where a century’s experience meets with a continued vision focused on the future, with exciting projects that will allow me to carry out strategic activities in the field. In the first few weeks, what impressed me most about the people in the company is their pride for the quality of the compressors they contribute to achieving.” To describe Mattei Matteo opted for rhino: “It has an imposing appearance and conveys an idea of strength and robustness. But when it needs to run, it is very agile and can move quickly, and moreover, it has existed since the dawn of time. Mattei is a historic company and its compressors are solid, powerful and versatile. I remember before I joined that whenever there was a Mattei compressor it was very difficult to propose a replacement to the client, because over the years it continued its work, with little maintenance, even in difficult conditions. In my opinion, today the compressor that best summarises the qualities of reliability, efficiency and compactness is the Optima variable speed series, which combines the strength of the technology with extreme energy savings, thanks to the inverter it is equipped with.

A-RHINOCEROS,-A-DOG-&-A-CAT-5Meanwhile Luisella Zago entered the company in 1980; working first in the logistics department, then in sales, and since 1990 has been one of the “pillars” of the marketing department. She has been at the forefront of different phases in the Mattei story, always with a fantastic can-do attitude and desire to get involved: “I worked through great technological changes, like the advent of the computer and the Internet, which were step-changes in the ways of working, particularly with branches overseas. In Mattei I have always had the opportunity to learn and develop in an atmosphere that is both calm and respectful. I think the Blade series is the future because when it was introduced in the early 2000s, it marked the beginning of a revolution in the design of the compressor unit, which continues today and has resulted in the latest evolution which is the new Xtreme series.” For Luisella, Mattei represents a purebred cat: “It is a company that observes and studies changes around it, but waits for the right moment in which to leap that allows it to keep up with the times.”

Then there are those like Nazarena Bonomi, who decided to continue to collaborate with Mattei even after the end of her working relationship: “When the time came to retire, after 40 years
in Mattei, a rush of nostalgia hit me, and I immediately accepted the proposal to continue our collaboration for another five years. I owe a lot to Mattei; I started out as a young girl back in 1967 and here I learned what it means to work, be organised with your professional objectives, whilst respecting colleagues and superiors. From the beginning I was lucky enough to work for Mrs Carla Contaldi, as her assistant. Thanks to her, her constant desire to improve herself and her patience, I learnt a lot. For me, she was a teacher of life, both human and professional, and I will always be grateful to her.Trust is also a characteristic that made her liken Mattei to a dog: “When you choose a Mattei compressor for the first time, you come to trust in its technology because you realise that the reliability and performance over time will remain.”

From Mattei Vane Magazine, April 2019

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