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Eastern European countries are becoming increasingly ambitious regarding environmental protection. Mattei organised an Open Day at LD GmbH in Sofia, Bulgaria to present its energy-saving solutions in response to the numerous requests coming from this growing market.

Mattei Group knows no boundaries and continues to explore new markets globally. In September, an Open Day organised by the Italian company was held in collaboration with their local distributor, LD GmbH, at their headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. At the event, the latest-generation Mattei rotary vane compressors were presented to thirty potential clients in attendance.

“For months we worked on finding the companies that were really interested in learning about Mattei products. The attendees came from many different sectors: food production, pharmaceutical plants, car manufacturers, as well as companies from the fields of metalwork and furniture production”, explains Vasileva SLavcheva from LD GmbH.


Environmental sensitivity is growing rapidly within the Easter European industrial world and this is one of the reasons why Mattei is proposing its energy-saving products in Bulgaria.
During the Open Day, the ground-breaking Maxima Xtreme was presented. “We illustrated the features of this machine in detail: its energy efficiency, high performance, extremely low rotation speed, high volumetric efficiency, the lack of any roller or thrust bearings, all of which delivers a 20% increase in performance compared to the average industrial compressor”.

70585791_2451953471760186_2421961895352205312_nMattei CEO Giulio Contaldi also addressed the group at the event via videoconference, describing the company vision and energy-saving principles that drive Mattei production. He also made reference to the centenary celebrations of Mattei which took place this year: a hugely significant milestone on the evolutionary path of a historic company that looks to the future by focusing on the sustainable innovation of its products.


“Events like this allow us to get closer to our customers, understand their demands and identify the solutions which will best meet their needs. The added value of the event was being able to demonstrate how the compressors work with their revolutionary rotary vane technology and the many advantages this guarantees: energy efficiency, reliability and low maintenance costs,” explained Chiara Stemberger, Bulgaria Area Manager, Mattei Group.

[From Issue 16, Vane Magazine, December 2019]

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