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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. This phrase by Henry Ford is the essence of the Mattei professional training programme. It is a valuable tool to help face the challenges of an increasingly competitive marketplace, in an area which Mattei really believes in: training and development of staff, in fact it’s a key factor in the success of the company.

The continuous training and professional development programme has been a constant within Mattei for almost 20 years. “Every year we pull together a programme of around 10 weeks which is offered out to the technical and commercial staff of our distribution network and our foreign branches” says Fabio Farneti, After Sales Manager of Ing. Enea Mattei SpA, who coordinates this initiative. “It is an initiative that requires a great amount of organisation, but which represents a sound investment in terms of team cohesion; teams who impact and make an important contribution towards improving the quality of Mattei compressors”.


The main objectives behind these meetings are the updating of technical know-how and up-skilling in commercial & marketing concepts to improve the overall approach to sales. “We aim to share with all participants a way of working, which is based on a deep knowledge of a complex machine like the Mattei compressor, to be better equipped in the face of any type of maintenance or customer request. Therefore, all our courses have both theoretical and practical elements, along with demonstrations and exercises on the compressors. Most of the courses take place at the Vimodrone site but, on request, we send our experts out into the field to tackle specific issues, together with the distributor themselves. In terms of size, there are many sign-ups coming from abroad as well as across Italy; a reflection of our global business spread. Last year we delivered training to over one hundred people, distributors and workshops.

The Mattei courses are not only a means of supplying information, but also an important vehicle for taking feedback from those who are out there selling on a daily basis, or installing and operating our machines around the world. This gives us a great amount of feedback that can provide fundamental inputs into the continuous improvement of our product and services. As a result, our courses are very flexible and range from basic knowledge of the product, the operation and its advantages, through to in-depth analysis of advanced components and complex multi-compressor installations. We also often develop a bespoke course based on specific requirements”.

Participation on the courses allows retailers and workshops to obtain the Certification of Mattei Authorised Distributors & Service Centres and the permitted use of the Mattei registered trademark, logo and brand templates. “For Mattei teamwork is extremely important: internally as a means of improving both work and the capabilities thereof, and externally to communicate to our final customers with a recognisable, cohesive and consistent identity all over the world”.

From Vane Magazine 11, June 2018

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