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To better present rotary vane technology to the markets of Russia and western CIS countries, Mattei has successfully introduced a new format of relationship marketing. Thanks to direct contact between distributors and end users, getting across the technical details and the advantages of Mattei compressors has become even more effective.

In the last few months, Mattei has created two important occasions to meet with prospects clients from Belarus and Ukraine, where both the company is present along with some distributors. “Thanks to the support of our local dealers we have already organised two meetings with some end customers, from different industrial sectors”, says Serghey Sokolov, Head of the Mattei representative office in the Russian Confederation. “In Minsk back in June, we brought together about 20 people for an educational focus on the technical characteristics of our compressors and the advantages of rotary vane technology. Whilst during the day in Poltava, 350km east of Kiev, we were guests of Poltava Medical Glass, an important customer specialising in the production of glass vials for medicinal use. During the factory visit, the 40 participants were able to see the live operation of our compressors for themselves”.


The success of these meetings has prompted Mattei to plan others in the future: “The format of the events is very captivating. On one hand, Mattei can better illustrate the advantages of our products in the presence of selected audiences, driven by a real interest in product knowledge. But then on the other hand, the end customer also feels exclusive in how they are being handled; they are able to delve deeper into the technical aspects of the machines as a result of the direct contact with company staff, whilst in the case of Poltova, they can also test the real efficiencies of the compressors at work in the field. The advantages of this type of meeting compared to trade fairs is remarkable: participation costs are kept low, dispersion of the group is avoided as there are no competing brands present, and your attention can be focused on a series of really interested prospects”.

In Eastern Europe, the market potential for Mattei is enormous because the exclusive technology is still relatively unknown, but it is at the forefront and constantly improving and evolving thanks to the huge investments in research and development. The added value of the one-to-one meetings lies in the possibility of being able to explain to a specific group of users, a product that is rich in technical specifications, giving them the possibility to have a much deeper understanding of the features and benefits.

Since 2017, we have witnessed double-digit percentage sales growth in Russia and the western CIS, where the Made in Italy aspect has definitely played its role as Italy is synonymous with high quality. Another winning feature of Mattei compressors is their versatility, in fact they can be used in almost all industrial applications. During the meetings of the last few months we have targeted end users from very different industrial sectors, ranging from textiles to mechanics and food. Another area where Mattei compressors can hold their own is that of the OEM applications in the railway and public transport sectors, where the quietness and energy efficiency of rotary vane technology sets us apart when compared to the competition”.

[From Issue 13, Vane Magazine, January 2019]

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