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Many players in the industrial sector know energy efficiency represents a tremendous opportunity to generate both cost- and energy savings and that it is necessary to carry out a thorough efficiency analysis to fully understand the extent of the investment to be made.

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When improving efficiency, the following factors should be considered:

  • The choice of an air compressor that most suits your needs,
  • Matching the compressor chosen to the right level of compressed air treatment
  • A correctly dimensioned compressed air plant
  • Prevention and removal of air-leakages
  • The installation of an energy recovery system
  • Regular quality maintenance

The optimisation of pressure levels in air-distribution lines, the replacement of obsolete machines with innovative technology and maintaining an effective level of maintenance are key issues to achieving low running costs and high levels of energy efficiency, which overall lead to greater competitiveness.

With the aim of reducing carbon-dioxide emissions and combatting pollution, there are several countries and regions providing incentives to those industrial sectors committed to saving energy, undertaking energy audits or introducing energy management systems according to ISO 50001. It is this standard which outlines the criteria for creation, start-up, maintenance and improvement to energy management systems.

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