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How important is the maintenance of a compressed air system? And what are the benefits of an efficient plant?

Maintenance is a very important factor in the overall cost of a system; failure to perform in a correct and controlled manner, will lead to considerable increases in such costs. Correct maintenance is the simplest way to ensure your compressor has an effective and efficient life cycle, avoiding any anomalies such as wasted energy! It will guarantee a long and useful life of the system, making the components more durable, while reducing waste and keeping your plant operational indefinitely.


When maintenance is disregarded, the system could significantly lose productivity and become more exposed to the risks of faults, with unnecessary consequential costs for restoring the system back to its form condition/operation. Maintenance costs are always cheaper than the consequences of a lack of maintenance, since unforeseen faults can produce high energy expenses, unplanned downtime together with non-compliance.


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ENERGY SAVING: Regular inspection will prevent energy waste, air leaks and excessive pressure drops. Maintenance is the best way to achieve an efficient and cost-effective system with measurable results.
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REDUCTION OF OPERATING COSTS: Any malfunction and/or downtime of the system due to unforeseen faults will increase operating costs. Maintenance costs are significantly cheaper than the consequences of a lack of maintenance, such as high energy consumption, unplanned downtime, safety and non-compliance issues.
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LONGER USEFUL LIFE: Well prepared maintenance, enhances reliability and ensures the system performs better and for longer. This will allow you to exploit the full potential of any equipment you may purchase, to achieve higher profits and to maximise your operating possibilities.


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