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When market competition starts to heat up, as in the case of compressors, the ability to offer solutions that are customised to suit the specific uses and demands often turns into a winning factor that can really make a difference.

This is the philosophy that Mattei has developed over the years with an increasing predisposition towards the customisation of its products, introducing a whole division dedicated to “Custom Projects”.
“The degree of customisation of a Mattei compressor is exceptionally high. This is due, firstly, to the vane technology that is the core essence of our compressors, which makes them more simple to operate, more compact and, in a final analysis, more easily customised to suit specific demands, unlike the screw versions”.

The customisation process of a compressor is highly differentiated, as to the degree required and the level that one can or must achieve: “Standard customisation consists of the application of one or more among the many accessories available. From a design point of view, the contribution is minimal. It should however be emphasised that this aspect is already often a winning element of our compressors: the wide range of accessories in our catalogue, to complete the pump unit, is an added value of Mattei compressors compared to those of its competitors.


When a Mattei customer makes a purchase, he already has a wide choice of solutions for the compressor that best meets their needs”. From this point forward, the Custom Project division comes more directly and proactively into the picture: “We can confirm that 80 percent of the requested customisations mainly concern the drive aspects. Our motors are mainly electrical. For special applications, on the other hand, we receive requests for the coupling of the
compressor with electrical motors with specific characteristics or hydraulic motors, based on the specifications expressed by the customer”.

But the level of difficulty does not stop there: “There is indeed an additional level of customisation required, in which our standard compressor represents no more than 20 percent of the final setup. – explains the Custom Project Team Leader – In these situations, the interfacing of our design department with the customer takes on a fundamental role. The demands become particularly specific, as well as the absolutely unique and different characteristics requested, which can refer to environmental conditions, the temperatures of use, the hazard based requirements of the process in which a compressor is used. This opens the door to a world of variables which must be explored side by side with the customer to identify the solution that is truly tailored to fit like a glove”.

In particular, there are three areas of application where Mattei’s experience plays a key role, ranking the Milanese company at the top of the international market.
“First and foremost, the transit and vehicle industry. This application sector requires small size and easy to maintain pumping units, like the Mattei compressors. Moreover, the compressors are required to endure frequent thermal shock and strong vibrations”. Alongside the vehicle industry
there is the manufacturing sector, with specific reference to foundries, mainly aluminium: “In this type of industry compressors must operate in extremely harsh environmental conditions: from high temperatures to electromagnetic fields, from the presence of abundant dust to airborne aluminium residues.

The expertise acquired through years of collaboration with top enterprise in this sector has led us to develop highly specific know-how and to build compact machines, which guarantee excellent performance and optimal reliability over time”. Finally, the gas sector: “It is an area Mattei has focused more recently, but with pleasing results. The customisation in this industry is mainly at the service of safety. For example, the parts of the compressor which usually are made of brass, are made of stainless steel; the control equipment must be correctly remoted to prevent accidental explosions. For these reasons, for gas applications, each customisation request is always preceded by a thorough feasibility study, which takes into account the many factors involved”.

From Vane Magazine 5, May 2016 Download Mattei VANE Magazine 5