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“We export the excellence of Made in Italy and promote energy-saving that is beneficial for both companies and the environment”. Last October, Mattei Group, in collaboration with Friulair and Aignep, organised a well-attended event in Suzhou to promote the quality of their Italian products.

A product increasingly known across the world, and an economy in constant growth: the link between Mattei Group and China are strengthening, as demonstrated at the recently organised event by Mattei Suzhou.


The initiative, targeting the press and local distributors, also involved two other Italian companies: Friulair, a leader in the production of dryers based in Cervignano del Friuli, and Aignep, manufacturer of fittings, solenoid valves and cylinders from Bione (near Brescia). Introductions were made by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, who underlined the importance of the ever-closer relationship between Italy and China. The event, which started with a presentation of the three Italian companies, culminated with a visit to the Mattei Suzhou headquarters where participants were able to appreciate the best products from each of the three brands.

The objective was to introduce Mattei, Friulair and Aignep, and the common goal that binds them: to develop energy-saving products, which is of increasing importance in China. After the initial economic boom in this country dense with industrial activity, it recognised the fundamental importance of operating with a focus on the environment. “Competition in China is fierce,” comments Mattei Suzhou’s General Manager, Sheng Lin Chen, “but Mattei maintains its values and its strategy to focus on product quality with a very clear message: our compressors do not conform with the logic of the lowest price, but to that of the highest quality”.

Italy has responded promptly to China’s call: “We are already getting the first positive signs from the companies involved: the search for advanced, reliable and safe technology has already begun and events which promote Italian excellence are fundamental in capitalising on this moment to create a gap in the market”, says Raffaele Michael Tufano, General Manager - Friulair Thailand. Sharing the same opinion, Alessandro Cremonesi, Export Director of Aignep, adds: “Presenting ourselves to the Chinese market has increased our strength and shown the added value that “Made in Italy” can offer to a country that is finally starting to look beyond the simple logic of price”.

[From Issue 16, Vane Magazine, December 2019]

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