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This year, Mattei will attend the InnoTrans Biennial Fair to be held on September 20th to the 23rd at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds in Berlin. You'll be able to Join Mattei at Stand 404 in Hall 1.2. The theme remains passenger and freight transit technology, for which Mattei products are highly specialized. Mattei compressors are ideal for automotive applications, thanks to the rotary vane technology utilized in every compressor.

Mattei’s Vane technology ensures high quality compressed air at a reduced noise level, due to the low rotational speed and the limited number of moving components. The sound levels of Mattei products are particularly appreciated when applied to hybrid and electric vehicles, where the vehicles low running noise is an essential requirement.



Following this theme Mattei will exhibit a handful of rotary vane compressors which represent the transit range:

  • RVM
  • APM300 Unit
  • EV Unit (Electric Vehicle)

The integrated design of the RVM range allows multiple drives: electric motors, hydraulic, endothermic, or via PTO.

The compressors of the RVM range are also available in a package version:

  • Air flows: 120 to 4,000 litres / minute
  • Pressure: 7, 10 and 13 bar
  • Complete frame-mounted air compressor packages including compressor, motor, air dryer and controls
  • Stop / start or continuous operationRVM240_des
  • Available with variable speed drive to provide higher capacity during peak demands
  • Possibility to integrate dryers
  • Available with integrated or remote panel oil cooler
  • Turn-key design, manufacture, and project management


Mattei RVM compressors can be used on trucks and buses - including battery operated and hybrid vehicles - rail-trams, streetcars, metro, AGT, and other mobile applications.


APM300 compressors have the same characteristics of the Transit machines: compactness, lightness, and low noise.


The complete APM300 package includes an AC motor driven vane air compressor, motor controls and annunciation, dual chamber air dryer, and a fan-cooled aftercooler.

  • Maximum Working Pressure: 10.3 bar
  • Rotating Speed: 1740 RPM
  • AC motor to suit vehicle requirements: 240, 380, 460 Vac
  • Weight: 125 kg


The EV Unit is a simple, compact, and lightweight unit for use with battery operated vehicles.

060SCONTORNATAIt can provide compressed air for vehicle brakes and is designed for rapid warm up even under an intermittent duty cycle.

  • Free Air Delivery: 0,16 m3/min
  • Working Pressure: 8,6 ÷ 9,1 bar
  • Rotating Speed: 1500 r.p.m.
  • Motor Nominal Power: 1.5 kW

For more information on our Transit compressors range, contact us. We'll see you in Berlin!