Mattei Calendar 2020: 12 months for the environment

“Think Green. Watch, Reflect, Act” is the title and theme of the 2020 Mattei calendar. Using strong wording and imagery, our aim is to encourage you to reflect on the state of our planet, and to act to help save it.

Look into the future, but also at the present, and the impact on our lives and those of our children.
For many years, Mattei has recognised the importance of environmental protection, creating machines which are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. We have also embraced this “green” ethos at the heart of our industrial production, by avoiding unnecessary energy waste and reducing harmful emissions. To underline our environmental stance, Mattei Group launched a new logo to mark our centenary, with the slogan “Think Green,” which provided the inspiration for the 2020 calendar titled “Think Green. Watch, Reflect, Act”.

“The idea behind this new calendar is to raise awareness of the environmental emergency”, explains Silvia Barone, Marketing Manager of Mattei Group. “We want to invite people to look at the images and think hard about the message: the calendar wants to incite and motivate people to embark on a “greener” lifestyle to create positive change.”

Calendario 2020-01

The calendar uses three different communicative approaches, alongside emotionally impactful imagery. The first focuses on the scientific aspects, with photographs depicting natural landscapes accompanied by captions highlighting the catastrophic consequences that will occur should we continue to live as we do today. The second uses irony with a touch of sadness: modified song and film titles have been associated with the photographs in order to provoke the reader. Finally, sustainable alternatives are offered to prevent the irreversible damage our planet will suffer.

“We want these messages to touch people’s hearts and minds, in a strong, yet provocative way. We have a responsibility to be aware of the risks we face if we do not change our habits immediately. We must not forget that our future, and that of future generations, depend on the decisions we make today.”


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