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An innovative and accurate analysis method for consumptions of the compressed air production system that provides an advanced network diagnostics.

This is the principle behind MIEM, an acronym of Mattei Intelligent Energy Management, a method of analysis of consumption of compressed air production plants based on a special mathematical model developed by Mattei engineers.
The service, made possible by special instrumentation, requires careful and prolonged consumption monitoring of the installed compressor, following a preliminary analysis of the features and functionality for which it is used. The data collected are processed using a special software, which draws up a complete profile on the use of air and provides precise information on the energy consumptions of the plant system.
“On the basis of the power consumption recorded during the measurement period, which typically ranges from a few days to a full week, it is possible to determine the total energy consumption, and an estimate is made on the air requirements of the system- explains Eng. Andrea Capoferri, Senior Technical Manager Mattei - At this point the MIEM Supervisor studies and proposes a new alternative to the configuration of the compressors in use, so as to optimise energy consumption and improve efficiency”.

The MIEM method is therefore a network analyser and an advanced network diagnostic system. The company can now monitor the use profile of the compressor, obtain accurate and complete information on the factory energy consumptions and improve the performance of its plant system.

From Vane Magazine 3, July 2015

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