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Mattei has announced its ImPROVable Performance initiative, based on test results from Intertek. Intertek is the independent test certification laboratory used by The Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) for the CAGI Verification Program.

The new tests have proven that, rotary screw compressor reaches maximum efficiency at zero hours and its components deteriorate in performance over its life cycle, whilst Mattei’s proprietary rotary vane compressor fares very well in the Zero Hour test and becomes more efficient over time.

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Intertek tested a Mattei 60 Hz MAXIMA 55 at Zero-hour performance ratings. The machine was subsequently tested at 100 hours, 200 hours and 500 hours.

After 500 hours of operation, testing proved that:

1. Specific Power (kW/m3/min; kW/100cfm) improved by 3.78%
2. Rated capacity at full load improved by more than 1%
3. Input power at full flow decreased by over 2%
4. Input power at zero flow decreased by over 2%

Testing confirmed the existence of a “run-in period” for Mattei’s rotary vane compressors. At zero hours, the blades have yet to be seasoned. Over the first 1000‐hours of operation, Mattei’s blades undergo a micro-polishing process as they slide in and out of their slots.


In tribological terms, the polishing removes the asperities on both contacting surfaces, and since these are made of complementary materials this initiates a microscopic material transfer that will last for the full lifetime of the compressor.

This is not to be confused with wear, in which one of the two rubbing surfaces loses material at a constant rate whilst the other is not affected. Over the run-in period, the blade surfaces are micro-polished into a mirror-like, low-friction finish as they glide on an oil film 1/10th the thickness of a human hair.

The result of this blade process is a more efficient machine that uses less power and produces more air over time. Whereas rotary screw compressors achieve their highest efficiency point at zero hours, Mattei’s rotary vane machines are renewed with every oil change.

The rotary positive test standards provide a snapshot view of a rotary screw compressor at zero-hours, yet does not take into account the deterioration in performance over its life cycle.

Rotary vane technology fares very well in the Zero Hour test by comparison. But, the program does not allow the complete improvable performance Life Cycle Energy efficiency picture to take shape over the blade polishing period. Our 500 Hour Data Sheets demonstrate vane technologies’ unique and substantial performance gains during the run-in period which continue to improve even more over time.

On Mattei website you can find data sheets at Zero- and 500-Hour performance ratings.

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