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For Giulio & Silvia Contaldi the centenary of Mattei offers a special occasion to underline the powerful superiority of rotary vane technology. The expertise in the design and production of high-efficiency compressors, even in “green” applications, today makes Mattei compressors the best on the market in terms of flexibility and eco-sustainability, with significant returns on investment.

Mattei rotary vane technology has always stood out on the global stage: in the 1950s & 60s the benchmark was piston technology; today it is the screw compressors in the market for compressed air, a market which generates a turnover of 17 billion dollars a year.

Mattei Group has always proudly defended its uniqueness, even going against the market trends and habits. “This choice was the key to our success, because it allowed us to create versatile compressors, able to satisfy the needs of an extremely differentiated client base” states Giulio Contaldi, CEO of Mattei Group.

Today we produce diversified ranges of compressors by different application type, all with the same passion of 100 years ago that our parents passed on to us. The commitment has also remained unchanged since then, but the challenges have changed and today are closely linked to safeguarding our planet’s health. To highlight our vision and the direction we have taken, we chose the Think Green claim that sits alongside our centenary celebratory logo”.

There are over 6,500 compressors produced each year by the Mattei Group, of which more than 75% are destined for overseas markets. Alongside the industrial sector, where innovations continue under the banner of energy saving with the introduction of the latest-generation Mattei Xtreme 90i; dedicated lines have also been developed for specific application areas.


We are investing heavily in compressors for the biogas market and the market for the recovery of gases that would otherwise be lost to the environment, outlining our contribution to the reduction of the greenhouse effect” continues Giulio Contaldi. “Our compact and efficient machines are also performing very well in the vehicular sector, where we have a range designed for heavy-goods vehicles and the transport of goods by both road and rail, as well as for vehicles intended for use in public transport, including electric vehicles where the silent operation of our compressors is a well-appreciated feature. Finally, there are the OEM applications, for which we design and build highly-customised machines”.

All Mattei compressor production is carried out in Italy: “Mattei Group is deep-rooted in Italy. It was born in Milan in via Feltre, with its headquarters being based in Vimodrone since the 1960s. This is where we have focused on the know-how of the people, people whom with their efforts and work, contribute to making this company great.”, explains Silvia Contaldi, CFO of Mattei Group. “Mattei also has a long history based on its people and its multinational experience which is tempered by the family ownership of the company. This allows us to consider the experiences and the skills of the people who work here as the most authentic company resource. The cutting-edge technologies which we use will never fully replace human work”.

A perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Mattei looks on eagerly to the next hundred years applying an evolutionary approach, which has also been shown by the great changes taking place in management culture, which concerns all sectors of the company.

Among these changes there is the important introduction of ‘lean management’ which increases the value of company production as perceived by the end customer, as Giulio Contaldi explains: “Doing more with less waste; this is the philosophy of lean production that we have introduced in the last couple of years. It has ripped up the rule book on logistic flows and the production methods to reduce both management time and costs and improve the quality of our products and services. It is a 360 ° approach, necessary to sustain growth and increase turnover. We believe in an ever more internationalized future: ambassadors of Italian mechanical engineering excellence on a global scale.”

[From Issue 14, Vane Magazine, March 2019]

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