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Good Reasons to Become a Mattei Partner



EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY: Mattei compressors employ proprietary vane technology. MATTEI resellers across the country find there are no competitors for this kind of product.


COMPRESSOR RELIABILITY: Precisely because of the special technology used, Mattei compressors are highly reliable and far more durable than screw compressors.


PRODUCT QUALITY: 100 years of specialisation and a certified corporate organisation that follows the product from design to manufacturing and testing are a guarantee of quality products.


THE WIDEST RANGE IN THE WORLD: Mattei makes the world's widest range of rotary vane compressors. With different power values, technical features and design according to the sector of application and operating needs: from BLADE workshop compressors for small companies to the series for industrial use and special compressors.


THE MOST EFFICIENT: Mattei compressors stand out for their high efficiency and energy savings. The OPTIMA and MAXIMA series energy savings can reach 35%.


MANUFACTURING FLEXIBILITY AND STOCK AVAILABILITY: The decision to keep the whole of the design and manufacturing process in-house means that Mattei can ensure delivery in a short space of time, both for standard products and dedicated machines.


NO MAJOR OVERHAUL: Thanks to the quality of its products and its special technology, MATTEI compressors are not subject to any major overhaul. Ever.


CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Mattei offers a full range of professional training courses, along with custom programmes, held at the Mattei Training Centre or at the reseller's premises.


ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS: Mattei has a brand protection policy in the spare parts sector and promotes the use of original spare parts and Mattei lubricants with clients.


SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: Via its distributors, Mattei offers clients various scheduled maintenance solutions to ensure compressors are always 100% efficient. This reduces any issues that may arise due to unexpected machine downtime and lets you schedule work so that it does not impact the manufacturing process.


FULL SELECTION OF ACCESSORIES: Through its network of distributors, Mattei provides clients with a full selection of accessories that can considerably improve the performance of the compressors: dryers, filters, water-oil separators, condensation treatment separators and so on.


WARRANTY EXTENSIONS: As well as providing a warranty coverage for the compressor unit, Mattei stands out on the market for extending the warranty to 6 years: a tangible sign of quality to the benefit of Clients.


MADE IN ITALY ACCLAIMED ACROSS THE WORLD: Mattei represents the excellence of “Made in Italy” technology with a truly global reach.

n.14 FAMILY-RUN BUSINESS: Mattei has always been a family-run company: this ensures continuity in terms of management and achievement of objectives.


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