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NEW BLADE 15-18-22

Discover all the advantages of our new series of Blade 15-18-22 compressors by watching the video that we have prepared for you!

The BLADE compressor range, with operating pressures from 8 to 13 bar and from 7 to 10 bar (for BLADE i version), is the ideal solution for the needs of small and medium sized companies as well as artisan businesses.

Available in the silenced BLADE/BLADE i, BLADE Plus (with dryer kit) and BLADE R (with heat recovery kit) versions, they feature automatic control of air flow at constant pressure and an aftercooler. The main advantage of the new Blade 15÷22 is the easy replacement of the flexible element, as the new design makes it possible to replace it without having to dismantle the rotor-stator unit. This Blade series is equipped with an user-friendly controller, MaestroXB: a programmable controller which regulates the operation of the compressor to suit the specific requirements of the air distribution system. It has different programming levels and special options for controlling and analysing the operation and faults. 

BLADE 15÷22 is also available with Inverter which always assures the highest energy savings. When the compressed air demand is between 100% and 40%, the compressor rotational speed reaches the highest efficiency, with an energy consumption much lower than traditional inverter systems.