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Thanks to the innovative extended warranty programme, for six years Mattei will take care of the compressor servicing and maintenance. The plan is free and offers many operational advantages to those who buy a compressor. Joining is easy; just sign a scheduled maintenance contract, that above all else, ensures an efficiently-working plant. No worries, no downtime, original spare parts and certified professional technicians, in addition to always keeping costs under control.

MyCare 6 is the name of the new extended guarantee programme offered by Mattei, through its network of authorised distributors and workshops, to all customers who purchase a new compressor.


With MyCare 6 the warranty is extended to six years on all the components of the Mattei compressor (except those subject to wear) from the pumping unit to the engine, from the electronics to the canopy, to the pipes and fittings.

The MyCare 6 programme is completely free and customers have up to 90 days from the installation date to join, either through the distributor or directly with Mattei. The only requirement is to sign a scheduled maintenance contract, which allows the customer to be completely reassured having had the necessary periodical checks to keep the machines efficient and in perfect working order, thanks to the professionalism of the Mattei assistance network technicians and the use of original spare parts.

With MyCare 6 the Mattei customer benefits from an excellent, no-cost opportunity” explains Silvia Barone, Marketing Manager for Mattei. “They can actually enjoy six years peace of mind, free of charge. In case of a problem with one of the components on the compressor, the authorised service network gets straight to work on replacing it. No costs are due, not even call-out or labour charges. Mattei and the network cover everything and this commitment speaks volumes about the reliability. Reliability, which has always been associated with our compressors, thanks to the continuous investment into product research and development, the use of high-quality components and materials, and keeping up with the latest industrial trends”.

There are numerous benefits offered by MyCare 6 for six years after purchase. Starting from the guarantee of having a perfectly functioning compressed air system, without the risk of damaging downtime. With MyCare 6, authorised technicians carry out a full periodic check of the plant. This also translates into further cost savings; a plant operating at optimum efficiency keeps consumption levels low.
The customer then has the certainty that only original spare parts and consumables are being used. In the case of oil and filters, this is essential because Mattei-original lubricants guarantee constant performance and reliability over time, thus ensuring an unlimited lifespan of the compression unit. In addition, the end consumer has the certainty of costs on the maintenance front; in the scheduled maintenance contract a fixed annual fee is defined, which remains stable throughout the programme.

Finally, there is the guarantee of the professional servicing carried out by Mattei Service centre technicians. All operators are certified and follow frequent training courses organised by the company, to keep them constantly updated on all the features of the different models. On top of that, MyCare 6 also allows the customer to take full advantage of the assistance of the Mattei Helpdesk, for any additional information requirements.

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