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Applications dedicated for the railways/roads are one of the preferred testing grounds for Mattei compressors, which have significant advantages over traditional screw and piston compressors. Here we meet Graham Leach, Business Development Manager for Global Rail, who joined the Mattei team with the aim of further implementing rotary vane technology in rail applications all over the world.

The efforts of Mattei in the rail sector are being felt on a global scale. Global because Mattei technology is trying to make itself known and recognised all over the world, but also because in a figurative sense it has taken on a fundamental strategic importance within the company.

This is demonstrated by the participation in the most important trade fairs of the sector, namely, Innotrans 2018 and the Global Public Transport Summit (UITP) 2019; backed up by increased resources and dedicated roles in this area. Since February 2018, there is Graham Leach, Business Development Manager for Global Rail, who, from his office in the UK, is flying to every continent in search for commercial opportunities in the field of rolling stock (that is to say rail vehicle fleets), from light rail such as trams and metros, to Rapid Transit, (Regional and High Speed) shunters and diesel/electric locomotives.

The world of railway/road applications, traditionally dominated by screw and piston compressors, is craving innovation. Mattei rotary vane technology with all the advantages it has over the traditional systems, is the solution for the future” claims Graham Leach. “With respect to the competition, Mattei compressors are more compact, quiet in operation and energy efficient, representing an excellent investment over time, thanks to the lowest Life Cycle Cost (LCC) available in the market and maintenance costs which have been reduced to the absolute minimum. Confident in the superior characteristics of our compressors, we are looking to win global contract orders for vehicle fleets, where we can offer the rotary vane technology. It’s not just about new projects; but the refurbishing of existing fleets which utilise both screw and piston compressors. Our applications are highly flexible and allow for the perfect integration into existing space envelopes with reduced dimensions. This allows Mattei to install the packages on the roof or under the floor, where Real Estate is considered at a premium, thanks to the versatility of the design”.

2018 RailThe great ambition of Mattei in the rail sector is summarised in Graham Leach’s words: “The long-term objective is to obtain the prestigious IRIS certification (International Railway Industry Standards); which by imposing strict parameters to all industries operating in the global rail market, aims to create a uniform system that guarantees excellence of both the technology and the suppliers”. Mattei is already a member of the Rail Alliance, the British association to which the main suppliers for the rail industry belong, offering important synergies for the development of technologies and services in this sector.

Mattei compressors for rail vehicles are used in two areas: within infrastructure and on-board applications, the latter where the characteristics of Mattei are further enhanced. “The systems for the supply of compressed air on vehicles are the winning card for Mattei: we are able to supply complete packages with compact dimensions, a feature which is fundamental to this sector. Furthermore, our solutions can be tailor-made to the specific needs of customers, whether these are new builds or development to existing vehicle systems”.

[From Issue 12, Vane Magazine, September 2018]

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