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Compressed air is a widely used and important source of energy in a multitude of industries. Its use involves a huge amount of energy costs and it is for this reason that it is necessary to monitor and analyse your compressed air systems’ performance.

There are situations in which energy efficiency can reach very low levels causing an increase of operating costs.

Mattei developed the software M.I.E.M. that allows the analysis of actual energy costs of a compressed air system and checks the possibility to improve efficiency by either replacing the current equipment or changing the configured regulation system.

MIEM_shutterstock_118548643Mattei’s unique Maxima air compressors automatically adjust their operations in accordance with the load profile, producing constant volumes of compressed air for long periods of time.

At full load the compressor delivers maximum performance from every kW of input energy guaranteeing an energy saving of upto 35%. This feature reduces environmental impact and creates a competitive advantage for the company. Our High-Efficiency MAXIMA Series is specifically engineered to operate larger airends rotating at just 1,000 rpm, with a cooling system that varies according to the load and the environmental conditions. Our compressors are indeed the first single-stage compressors that match the energy efficiency of two-stage compressors, delivering what is among the lowest kW/m3/min performance in the industry. The airend uses just two white metal bushings, as opposed to the eight roller bearings and four thrust bearings found in a standard two-stage screw.

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