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From Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn to Twitter, and not forgetting YouTube; Mattei Group has a presence on all the main social networks with the latest news about products, and their success stories from industry as well as life within the company. The goal is to create an instantaneous communication channel with customers and expand the “community” of fans of the Mattei brand around the world.

Everyone knows them and almost everybody is using them. Today’s social networks have staggering figures that keep on growing: almost 3.5 billion users around the world, with an increase of over 288 million compared to the previous year.

Companies can no longer afford to be indifferent about the phenomenon, whereby they open an ever-increasing number of social channels, as they have evolved into being real instruments of doing and growing business, even in the B2B sector. If once it was for the companies to present themselves to potential clients, nowadays the process has also flipped on its head with some customers, now knowledgeable and informed about the sector, approaching their preferred suppliers.

The interaction between buyers and sellers is increasingly less about commercial messages being presented to potential clients by companies and their sales agents, and ever more so based on building a relationship with them. Here social media represents an ideal place to analyse the market and to learn more about the tastes of potential customers, through the sharing of insights, news and useful information that help to build solid relationships of trust with them” explains Silvia Barone, Marketing Manager – Mattei Group. “With the advent of the web and social media, the first step in the sales funnel is now on virtual platforms, having moved away from traditional means of interaction such as phone calls or visits, which now come to the fore further down the line”.



The presence of companies on social media creates interactions with the public helping them to understand its values, initiatives, products and the people working behind the brand in a simple and immediate way. In short, through social media you add a face to the company, expressing a personality that helps to break down barriers whilst opening up a dialogue with suppliers, distributors, existing and even potential customers.

Another very useful activity, worthy of note is “social media listening”, allowing you to better understand the needs of clients, through the monitoring of comments, opinions and even criticism of the products or services from the company. Social networks also allow you to offer customer care, acting as a first point-of-call for after sales assistance, providing useful advice and information by responding to comments or writing in private chats.

Mattei is well aware of the strategic importance of social selling in helping to achieve sales targets, and has created professional profiles on the main channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. We have dedicated staff publishing fresh content, who intervene promptly as a result of listening to user feedback. Our ultimate goal is to position Mattei as a key point of reference on social networks within the compressed air sector and further strengthen the brand awareness around the world”.

From Vane Magazine 15, September 2019

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