Thermo King Berlin Transportkälte

Commercial vans and short-haul trucks dominate today´s urban landscape and represent the fastest growing sector of road traffic in much of Europe. Vans offer more cargo loading-space, easy manoeuvrability and better fuel efficiency, at lower prices than traditional lorries and trucks.

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Spirax sarco

All the pneumatic equipment at the French plant of the world leader in steam technology and thermal energy management are powered by Mattei compressors. Reliability and efficiency are the main reasons for the continued success of this partnership.

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Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Mattei makes the heavyweight of light cylinders

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Maxima and Optima for “relentless” production

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Even flower vases become eco-sustainable with Mattei

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Mattei compressors have landed at the extremes of the southern hemisphere and contribute to the quality of one of South Africa’s best coffees, those of the TriBeCa Coffee brand. The most appreciated aspect of rotary vane technology is the great reliability, which guarantees quality compressed air during very intensive work cycles and in harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperatures, typical of the coffee roasting process.

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Conifex Timber Inc., a leading next generation forestry company recently installed the Mattei rotary vane compressor technology at its Cross City, Florida location.  This project has provided a number of benefits, at a reasonable cost, including reduced maintenance, superior performance, and lower energy consumption.

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The company Verardi di Verardi Mauro & C. Snc, managed by the Verardi family for three generations, meets the needs of every industrial firms in the Brescia area by offering sales, rental and assistance support services. It has done so by combining its experience with the quality of the Mattei compressors.

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A well-managed compressor room designed and built to perfection, allows you to obtain high-quality compressed air, even in the most aggressive working environments such as the production and processing of compound stone (quartz) products. That’s the case for the Czech company, Technistone®, where Mattei compressors and the local distributor, Mondo, work together perfectly.

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For RSP GmbH, a German company in the field of vacuum technology, the pursuit of excellent quality and satisfying customer needs are fundamental values. The result of this approach is a tailored product, that is innovative and with a long lifespan, made possible in part thanks to collaborations with partners who share the same philosophy. Mattei has been one of these partners since 2000 meeting all the company needs for compressed air.

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Alluminio Sammarinese

Right from the outset Alluminio Sammarinese SpA, a company specialising in the production of bespoke aluminium profiles for industry, has chosen Mattei for the supply of compressed air. Continuous technological innovation and the pursuit of absolute quality are the philosophies underlying a production process, which has always counted on the reliability of rotary vane technology to achieve its objectives.

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And it still isn’t time for retirement of the historic Mattei compressor that, since 1967, has been working at the Meierhofer textile factory in the province of Verbania. A long history that has seen the transition from piston to rotary vane technology, whilst demonstrating the extraordinary reliability of Mattei compressors over time.

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Astaxanthin is the strongest known antioxidant among carotenoids. The process for its extraction from the alga Haematococcus pluvialis is very delicate and highly technical. In order to maintain high quality production standards, the biotech company Algamo chose to use customised Mattei compressors, born out of a collaboration with local partner, Mondo

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Nolan crash helmets are Italian through and through, in both design and production; since the 1970s the company has produced over 30 million helmets in the historic Brembate di Sopra factory in the province of Bergamo. Also working away tirelessly are the Mattei compressors; because when quality is called for, Mattei responds.

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Glauber Equipment Corporation

The American company, Glauber Equipment Corporation, has put in place a system for the treatment of biogas, which has made use of the Mattei compressors dedicated for gas applications. The systems, purchased by Belgian company Waterlau, are destined to be part of a much larger project, commissioned by the Mexican beer giant, Grupo Modelo

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Mattei compressors from the Classic range are working tirelessly on the Pirelli tyres at the most important motorcycling events on the European circuit. It’s an operation that takes place on the innovative “mobile workshop trailers”, developed by Pirelli, in collaboration with its strategic partner Promoidea. 

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There are numerous Mattei compressors installed at Cefla Finishing, a world leader in painting, decorating and finishing of wood, and they are used to power the pneumatic utilities that service production.

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Wels Strom

Mattei Germany - partner of the Austrian energy producer and distributor in the field of micro-cogeneration.

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Mattei compressors are the leaders of the biogas updrading system created by Ammongas, a Danish company.

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The innovative Mattei Master Controller Concerto controls all compressors smartly, with a 35% energy saving.

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Mattei and Gruppi Tramelli: upcoming golden anniversary

Elisabetta Tramelli, the daughter of the founder of the longtime Mattei reseller, who for 50 years has been covering the area of Piacenza and lower Lombardy, states with pride the reasons for such a long-standing professional partnership.

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South of France wines choose Mattei compressors

Mattei France has provided a both efficient and effective solution for the production site in Carcassonne belonging to the prestigious Uccoar/Vinadeis Group.

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Elite Spice

Mattei successful ingredient for the US company Elite Spice

Mattei high-efficiency Rotary Vane air compressors have been installed for over 25 years at the production facilities of this American spice and seasoning manufacturer.

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A rustproof relationship ... like stainless steel

Since the 90s the Mattei compressors have accompanied Siderinox in the production of stainless steel tubes, supplying the compressed air required for all automation operations.

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Quality O-rings require quality compressed air

DUCI Srl, together with the associated company AFVC, has represented a reference
point in the production of rubber technical parts. An Italian enterprise, also appreciated
abroad, which has relied on the quality of the compressors by Ing. Enea Mattei

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The production chain of biogas in landfills

The exploitation of the biogas produced in landfill sites makes it possible to reach important goals: the first is the use of biogas as a renewable resource to produce energy by means of a cogeneration plant that generates heat and electricity. The second is its contribution to reducing the greenhouse effect, through the elimination of methane that is formed by the fermentation of waste and has an extraordinarily high global warming potential, 25 times that of CO2 .

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Callipo Group

Callipo-Case-Study.pngCallipo, A Century-Long History

Callipo was founded in 1913 by Giacinto Callipo, operating in the fresh tuna processing industry. Callipo was one of the first Italian enterprises to can the prestigious Mediterranean Tuna fish caught using the ‘fixed tuna-fishing net’ system. The quality of the products has always been a core value for the company and in 1926 it was granted a warrant of appointment as Purveyor to the Royal House.

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Marini Quarries Group

Marini Quarries Group among the top Italian industries to have chosen Mattei compressors

The pairing of the Marini Quarries Group drilling and cutting machines and the Ing. Enea Mattei SpA rotary vane compressors led to this 20 year long Made in Italy partnership that has been consolidated over time.

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Longo SRL

Longo, a leader in the advanced mechanical engineering industry

With over 50 years of experience in the production of eco-friendly vehicles used in more than 40 foreign countries, Longo Srl is a world leader in the advanced mechanical engineering industry.

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TerMac produces state-of-the-art road marking solutions

It was the beginning of the 70s when Rodolfo Gilli started to develop the first horizontal road marking machines. Today, TerMac Road Marking Solutions, a company that utilizes only “Made in Italy” components for its systems, is among the major players in its sector.

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Grissin Bon

A history of success and trust

Grissin Bon, a renowned family enterprise operating for three generations, has been manufacturing and marketing bread substitutes (in particular breadsticks and melba toasts) for the last 50 years. Production capacity currently accounts for a turnover of around 72 million euro per annum, with a growth trend that is decidedly in contrast with the widespread economic difficulties of today. The Grissin Bon brand is the leading manufacturer of bakery products in Italy, marketing them through a variety of channels (from large-scale distribution to catering), and continues to boost its presence on foreign markets, whilst still maintaining its production completely “Made in Italy”.

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Curtiriso: quality rice since 1875

Curti Srl is a member of the Euricom SpA group specialiCURTIRISO.jpgsed in processing and packaging rice and rice-based products. A legendary agri-food company that is now an icon of excellence in Europe: the Valle Lomellina (PV) facilities, with 162 employees covering 86,000 square metres (of which about 28,300 indoors), is one of the largest in Europe with annual production capacity of about 150,000 tons of processed raw materials.

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Besseling Group

From production of coldstores to development of Besseling technology

Besseling Group is a Dutch company and a world leader in the production of machinery for optimisation of produce preservation by using controlled atmosphere.

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RGI bioSteryl Tech

Engineering at the service of Cultural Heritage Properties

RGI bioSteryl Tech Srl is an engineering company specialised in innovative technologies for safeguarding and preserving Cultural Heritage properties. With offices in Genoa, the company operates on the world market thanks to the disinfesting and disinfecting systems it offers that are unique for their characteristics and performances.

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Lerma Gomme

A dynamic and eco-friendly enterprise

Lerma Gomme was established in 1986 and specialises in tyre recycling: a sector which is generating growing interest given the increase in attention paid to the environment and, in particular, to sustainable waste management.

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Bächler Top Track AG

Mattei Customizes 180 Air Compressors for Bächler Top Track AG

Thanks to its technical know-how and its conspicuous investments in research and development, Mattei offers versatile products with original designs that can be easily integrated into already existing installations (OEM).

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Rondine SPA

Maximum reliability and excellent performances in the ceramic industry

Rondine SpA, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding this year, constitutes the main nucleus of an industrial group that now also includes the tile manufacturers Hilton, Fontana, Sassolgrande and Bismantova. Since 1998 the company has been present on the domestic and international markets with two brand names: RHS and Fontana/Bismantova. In 2005 Rondine became the majority shareholder in Spray Dry, a company that operates in the sector of raw materials for the ceramic industry. And finally, 2010 brought the acquisition of Sadon, a leading company in the production of skirting boards and porcelain stoneware tiles in small formats.

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Brown Body Shop

Brown Auto Body Values Mattei’s Rotary Vane Compressors

Dana Cooper, the owner of Brown Auto Body, a busy, modest-size shop located in southwest Iowa, has been in the collision industry for more than three decades. Cooper knows the value of reliable equipment and he’s convinced there’s no more important need in a shop than having a reliable air compressor.

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Drive towards energy efficiency

Rotary vane compressor manufacturer Mattei, as helped yarn manufacturer Autofil to reduce energy usage in its Nottingham facility by upgrading its compressed air equipment. Autofil manufactures a range of yarns primarily used for car seating fabrics. Part of this process involves operation of the dye house to colour the fabrics, which runs 24/ 7. The processes within the dye house require compressed air to be provided at a pressure of seven bar.

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Burckhardt Compressors

Mattei Wins Case for Vane Technology

Mattei Compressors has helped Burckhardt Compression, a manufacturer of custom-built large reciprocating gas compressors, to meet its own compressed air requirements, after the company opted for Mattei's rotary vane technology due it to its excellent power consumption and reliability. 

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