Alluminio Sammarinese

Right from the outset Alluminio Sammarinese SpA, a company specialising in the production of bespoke aluminium profiles for industry, has chosen Mattei for the supply of compressed air. Continuous technological innovation and the pursuit of absolute quality are the philosophies underlying a production process, which has always counted on the reliability of rotary vane technology to achieve its objectives.

Made-to-measure aluminium, even for the world of design

Alluminio Sammarinese is a sound, yet dynamic company, with almost 200 employees and in 2017, a turnover of around €38 million; of which 80% is from Italy and 20% from overseas.

The entire production chain takes place in a site of 10,000m2 located in the industrial area of San Marino. Here, the bespoke profiles are constructed along with all the additional processes such as surface finishing to deliver the finished product, in particular destined for the automotive, electronics and furniture sectors. “We give shape to aluminium through a complex and ultra-precise extrusion process, which can then be followed up with further mechanical processes such as cutting, shearing, CNC milling and bending, as well as superficial treatments such as oxidisation or painting; all of which allow us to transform the profile into a finished component” explains Stefano Ceccato, CEO of Alluminio Sammarinese SpA. “The excellence of our products is improved even further thanks to our client support services; our tenuous skill in the design phase is aimed at finding the best solutions customised according to the needs of our customers”.

Founded in 1981, Alluminio Sammarinese has developed a profound technical know-how that has supported its continuous growth: “Thanks to a continuous focus on technological innovation, design creativity, investment in staffing and a management team looking at research quality, we have refined our techniques and expanded our production capacity, so much so that today we also make finished products for the design sector”.

ALLUMINIO SAMMARINESEAlongside Alluminio Sammarinese on this successful journey, the ever-presence of Mattei compressors. “To maintain a high quality finished product and for the correct operations of the extrusion plants and other mechanical operations, compressed air must be supplied at a continuous high pressure. This task is carried out impeccably by our fleet of large compressors, perfect for supporting heavy workloads whilst ensuring low energy consumption. Thanks to the AC30L, Maxima 55 and Optima 60, the aluminium extrusion plant, the machines for bending, shearing and milling, all receive the compressed air that they need to power their different processes. Furthermore, it is an extremely clean air free of impurities that contributes towards the high quality of our product”.

The compressors, in operation for almost 40 years, have only ever required ordinary maintenance: “Reliability is another fundamental aspect of the Mattei compressors. We currently have an extended preventative maintenance contract, entrusted to an external company” continues Ceccato.

STS Sistemi from Imola deliver the maintenance service programme, in addition to running a service centre, providing sales & rentals and designing bespoke solutions within the paint and now compressed air sector for both heavy industry and small artisanal businesses. “We started more than 20 years ago in the paint sector and for some years now have been focusing more and more on compressed air”, confirms the owner of the company, Andrea Caravita. “We are relatively new distributors of Mattei. What impressed us was the rotary vane technology, in respect of that of the screw and piston brands of which we distribute, as well as their uniqueness. Mattei compressors are unrivalled when it comes to reliability or output-power ratios. When recommending compressors to our clients, we focus on Mattei and the aspect of energy-saving and cost reductions, because the rotary vane technology always wins for energy efficiency. Another aspect appreciated by many, is the fact that in spite of the international focus, Mattei has retained an Italian identity by offering a technology entirely Made in Italy, even after many years of history”.

Servicing on the compressors installed at Alluminio Sammarinese, is carried out regularly according to a maintenance programme that is monitored by a computerised system, that allows for smooth and timely requests” concludes Caravita

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