Bächler Top Track AG

Mattei Customizes 180 Air Compressors for Bächler Top Track AG

Thanks to its technical know-how and its conspicuous investments in research and development, Mattei offers versatile products with original designs that can be easily integrated into already existing installations (OEM).

Bachler.jpgOne prestigious reference confirming this approach is represented by the company’s collaboration with Bächler Top Track AG, a Swiss worldwide provider of custom-built solutions in the field of snow processing and snowmaking. In particular, Mattei developed around 180 air compressors of the Unica Series and suitably customized them for mounting on Bächler snowguns, used in numerous ski areas in Switzerland, Austria, Russia, China and the Czech Republic.

Bächler is well-known in the world for the high quality of its offerings and the technical competence of its human resources. In order to strengthen this image the company is focusing on improved customer satisfaction and sets a high value on the performances and energy efficiency of its products. Its strenghts are embedded in the company’s philosophy, aimed at fidelity to assumed commitments, the flexibility and the efficiency of its offering, its consolidated experience and its widespread presence. In addition, Bächler stands out for its technological leadership and capacity for innovation.

The Reason for Success

The reasons that led Bächler to choose Mattei are the reliability and the excellent performances, even at extremely low temperatures, of its air compressors, built with proprietary rotary vane technology. The simplicity of construction of the machine, whereby the stator never comes into direct contact with either the rotor or the vanes, guarantees constant, continuous performances over time.

Mattei compressors do not have any gearing between the drive shaft and the rotor, and no thrust bearings either since they are replaced by brass bushings. This configuration reduces the number of components and consequently the maintenance operations and the costs. Finally, Mattei compressors distinguish themselves from the alternative compressors proposed by the competition for their silent operation, an intrinsic feature of the rotary vane compressor.


The Unica Series proved to be ideal due to its small dimensions thanks to the presence of a single lengthened drive shaft that directly connects the electric motor to the compressor without additional coupling elements. This structure also results in greater machine stability and significantly less vibration and noise.

The Mattei technicians specially designed a customized version of the Unica Series for Bächler in order to adapt operation of the compressor as well as possible to the particular “snow” application, where the quality of the compressed air, free of oil and condensation, is fundamental and the risk of ice formation is high. 

A specific control panel was prepared for the compressors and a special lubricant was selected for low temperatures, down to -30°C. This choice derives from the necessity of protecting the equipment for the production of artificial snow, which often takes place at night at temperatures as low as -20°C. The Unica Series models mounted on the Bächler equipment have powers from 1,5 to 3 kW, flow rates from 160 to 320 l/min and a working pressure of 10 bar.

The company requested compact, silent compressors able to supply compressed air in the amounts effectively requested and without waste. In addition, the automatic start/stop mode, which is enabled by a pressure switch and especially the construction design, makes the Unica Series perfect for applications in which the air demand is prolonged over time. Finally, thanks to their low speed of rotation and to the vane technology, Mattei compressors also ensure more rational use of energy resources.

Ing. Enea Mattei SpA

Founded in 1919, with head office in Vimodrone, near Milan, is specialized in the development, production, distribution and technical service of air compressors, generating and cogeneration. The Company has two plants of 50.000 m2, whereof 28.000 covered, in Vimodrone and VerdelloZingonia (BG). It employs 250 professionals and, in 2008, it boasted a consolidated turnover of about 50 Million Euros.

Mattei, produces 6.500 rotary vane compressors every year and it is present in more than 40 Countries, with more than 100 distributors and technical service centers in Europa, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. In 2007, to satisfy the increasing requests of Southeastern Asia, the Company invested in a new productive site in People’s Republic of China which would be dedicated only to the local market. All Mattei products data sheets are now available on the new website www.matteigroup.com in order to help find the more suitable solution for any demand.

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