Besseling Group

From production of coldstores to development of Besseling technology

Besseling Group is a Dutch company and a world leader in the production of machinery for optimisation of produce preservation by using controlled atmosphere.

Besseling Group and Mattei: Compressed Air for Quality Controlled Atmosphere

Besseling_Group.jpgFounded as a family business specialising in supplying controlled atmosphere, it entered the sector in 1986 when a member of the Besseling family innovated controlled atmosphere technology to offer articles capable of immediately winning a considerable market share.

Today, Besseling Group is one of three key players in the industry around the world, thanks to its production of machinery creating an ideal modified atmosphere made to measure taking into consideration not only the features of the individual articles to be preserved, but also the specific requirements of customers.

Less oxygen for lengthening the life of foods

Besseling Group utilises mostly two technologies: Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO). Both are based upon reducing the quantity of oxygen present aimed at slowing down respiration causing the physiological decay process of produce. This results in an extension of their shelf-life to the benefit of the distribution chain and the quality received by the final consumer.

“Our Ultra Low Oxygen technology is able to ensure a very high quality controlled atmosphere with oxygen concentrations truly reduced to a minimum,” explains Andrè Van Dienst, Sales Executive at Besseling Group. “It’s the ideal solution for more challenging applications and more demanding customers”

The largest field of application of Besseling modified atmosphere technology is actually in food preservation, specifically fruit and vegetables. This segment alone accounts for 90% of company sales. However, this is not the only way the technology can be used. There are other sectors with appealing growth margins such as fire prevention, tyre inflation and nitrogen supply for many production processes.

As for geographical markets as Andrè Van Dienst explains, “presently European countries account for 80% of our business volume. But we are well positioned in the Far East, China and Taiwan. These markets are considered strategic for our future growth.”

Quality and efficiency underlying success factors of Besseling Group

If Besseling Group is one of the leaders in the industry today, it owes its position to a choice which has always characterised the strategies of the Besseling family: to supply high quality, high performance and highly efficient components and machinery.

Further, research conducted in recent years has been focused on reaching competitive energy efficiency standards, a heart-felt issue of most of the group’s customers.

Another distinctive feature of the company is ensuring rapid and efficacious service provided by specialised technicians. The machines have been designed to cut back on maintenance and repair requirements.

Besseling Group and Mattei, a quality choice

One of Besseling Group’s main requirements for ensuring utmost efficiency of its machines is to create an atmosphere as free as possible of impurities and condensate. In addition, the choice of compressors, that comply with such quality standards, plays a great role in reaching this goal.

Mattei has proven to be an ideal partner for our supply of compressed air. The quality of Mattei compressors is a guarantee for us and is perfectly suited for Besseling’s necessities in terms of the machine’s reliability and durability,” explains Andrè Van Dienst. “Thanks to Mattei’s technology, oil residues and contaminating particles in general are kept at a minimum and it helps to ensure very high quality air. This is a value that cannot be sacrificed given the service we wish to offer our customers.”

A collaboration lasting 20 years

“Our collaboration with Mattei has been going on for nearly twenty years,” continues Andrè Van Dienst, “and I believe that the soundness of this relationship not only depends on the fact that we share the same guiding principles, but also our common experience of running a family business, so personal commitment and working towards objectives is in our blood.”

“Every year we supply Besseling Group some tens of compressors, which become a part of the heart of the machines the company produces,” explains Stefano Presotto, Export Area Manager at Mattei. “Nearly all of these are ERC 500 and ERC 1000, two of the best selling models from our Classic Series, with installed power between 4 kW and 22 kW and air delivery from 0.49 to 3.75 m3/min: a guarantee in terms of air quality and reliability even for prolonged use”.


ERC 500 and ERC 1000 belong to the Mattei Classic rotary vane compressor range: they come complete with air cooler, separator and electronic condensation exhauster, which are noticeably silent making them ideal for use even in stations without soundproof cabins.

The compressors in the ERC Series operate with continuous modulated and automatic mode, ensuring very good performances in dusty, damp and particularly hard working conditions. The efficiency of Mattei’s Classic range is guaranteed by direct coupling of the motor and compressor with an elastic joint. This distinctive feature ensures low rotational speed of the compression unit at just 1500 r.p.m. with savings on energy and maintenance.

The built-in cooling unit has an aluminium radiator to cool the oil and compressed air. The air cooler is also fitted with a condensation separator and timed exhaust system. The three-stage oil separation system ensures compressed air that is free of impurities. The compressor-motor unit is anchored to a robust base unit with an open frame for easy lifting and handling operations.

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