Elite Spice

Mattei successful ingredient for the US company Elite Spice

Mattei high-efficiency Rotary Vane air compressors have been installed for over 25 years at the production facilities of this American spice and seasoning manufacturer.

Elite Spice, fine quality spices and seasonings since 1988

Beginning with just 14 employees and and 20,000 sq ft dedicated to production activities, today Elite Spice, a US company specialised in the production of spices and seasoning, employs 425 and occupies total area of 650,000 sq ft with three plants in Maryland and one in Nevada.
The core business of Elite Spice is the processing of spices and seasonings for their customers in the food industry who market spices under their own private brands. The Elite Spice plants handle the entire spice manufacturing process: from the cleaning of raw materials to grinding and packaging, including customised packaging. Special mixes of ingredients are also prepared to customer specifications.
Quality and security are the values on which Elite Spice manages its production. The spices they process originate from around the world and often contain impurities. They deliver state-of-the-art systems capable of eliminating pathogenic agents and minimising contaminating agents. The food regulations in the USA are very strict. The Elite Spice Quality Control department conducts thorough tests and analysis throughout the production process to reach the high levels of hygiene required. This commitment allows Elite Spice to deliver a product of excellent quality, appreciated by their customers for over 25 years.

Mattei alongside Elite Spice from the start

Mattei US supplies the compressed air required to power the automation systems throughout the entire Elite Spice production chain.
“From 1990 to today, 32 Mattei compressors have been running at the Elite Spice plants in Maryland and Nevada. Elite Spice has chosen the Mattei rotary vane technology for over 25 years: the last machine was delivered at the start of 2016 for the production plant in Jessup, Maryland” states the President of Mattei Compressors Inc. Jay Hedges
“Alongside the first ERC models installed, Elite Spice recently chose our AC 37, designed specifically for industrial use - continues Jay Hedges - The state-of-the-art compressors also boast a MaestroXS electronic controller that optimally manages operating fluctuations conditions and various duty cycles”.

Why Mattei: the secrets of a long-standing relationship

In the food industry, more than any other sector, it is essential to supply clean dry air with little or no oil residues, which can be hazardous if they come into contact with the food stuffs. Then there is also the need to run fully loaded for extended perieds of time during the processing cycles.
“Mattei’s air oil separation technology minimises oil residues allowing us to supply dry and clean quality air - explains John Yates - Other characteristics which convinced us to confirm our choice of Mattei compressors over time are their compact design, their high reliability and their low sound levels. The latter being a plus in terms of comfort at the workplace.”
Mattei compressors are manufactured with care to ensure the best possible performance according to a variety of operating conditions: “The specific demands of Elite Spice required the installation of a series of dryers and filters to reduce the presence of condensation to ensure the compressed air supply delivered has no oil residues” says Jay Hedges.

A good compressor is forever

The Mattei compressors installed 25 years ago are still in working well and running alongside new state-of-the-art models.
“The loyalty to Mattei has never changed since Elite Spice commenced its activities. Mattei earned our trust with its fine quality, reliable and silent compressors that supply dry, clean air which we need to operate in accordance with the strict regulations of our industry. The fact that the first compressors installed are still performing well has been a great pay-back on our initial investment” states John Yates.

Air Centre Compressors

Designed for 24 hour a day operations in small to medium industrial use, with consistent performances, the AC series compressors are reliable, compact and quiet. Their design is simple and functional: they are equipped with a modulating proportional intake valve, that makes it possible to deliver air at a consistent pressure and operate even without a tank. They offer reduced maintenance costs and energy consumption, as well as a high quality of air. With outputs of from 7.5 kW to 250 kW, they are available in the standard and PLUS versions with an integrated air dryer. 

Classic Compressors

The open frame ERC compressors are used in many different industries, including energy, manufacturing and automotive sectors. The machines are available assembled on a base or air tank with outputs of from 1.5 kW up to 55 kW. They are delivered complete with air cooler, separator and electronic condensation discharger. Their low noise level also means they can be used in stations without a soundproofing canopy.

MaestroXS Microprocessor

The MaestroXS microprocessor safety and control system guarantees the flexibility and adaptability of the air system, helping to improve the efficiency of the system and reduce energy overheads. MaestroXS allows the user to automatically control, monitor and programme the compression via user-friendly control panels and can be connected to a PC for easy remote operations. MaestroXS is also able to perform analyses and gather data on operational efficiency, failures and errors. Furthermore, each machine can save all the relative compressor settings and operating data.

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