Longo SRL

Longo, a leader in the advanced mechanical engineering industry

With over 50 years of experience in the production of eco-friendly vehicles used in more than 40 foreign countries, Longo Srl is a world leader in the advanced mechanical engineering industry.

Longo Srl, which is headquartered in Conversano (BA), views technological innovation and flexibility as two main cornerstones of its production of a wide range of special equipment for vehicles.

CaptureVeicoli.jpgLongo focuses on the use and development of new technologies that respect the environment, as highlighted by Eng. Nicola Lacitignola, Technical Director Longo Srl.

“Longo’s mission is to provide excellent and innovative management for the design, construction, trading and servicing processes for equipment that uses vacuum and high pressure technologies for the suction of sewage, hydrodynamic cleaning of ducts and pipes, suction of dust and solid materials and transportation of hazardous materials," said Lacitignola.

Tailored production

Longo’s exceptional production flexibility was achieved thanks to a customer-orientated setup which aimed to meet the company's specific needs.

“Longo does not indulge in mass production, each vehicle is designed to meet the specific needs of the customer," explained Lacitignola. "I think we can truly describe it as a made-to-measure service, like a tailored suit."

Longo avails itself of specialised personnel, using state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic elements throughout all stages of the production cycle. High-precision welding systems are controlled by robotic systems and the most advanced software; finally, all equipment undergoes strict final testing and thorough inspection. Longo also has a large area dedicated to production articles and replacement parts, in order to provide customers with the most efficient after-sales service possible.

Mattei: the best solution in efficiency & reliability

The collaboration between Longo and Ing. Enea Mattei SpA stems from the need to respond to a specific request.

“We were asked by a customer to equip a suction excavator with a compressor that could provide a continuous flow of compressed air at a constant pressure," said Lacitignola. "This type of requirement was new to our company and, following a market analysis conducted on compressors, the name of Ing. Enea Mattei SpA stood out. The benefits of the exclusive vane technology convinced us to choose Mattei compressors, with excellent field results.”

The suction excavator, with turbines and double separate aspiration plant for the suction of dry and/or liquid material through a rear suction trunk, is fitted with avant-garde systems that guarantee both automatic and continuous filtration of’ sucked air and a strict control of the dust emitted into the air.

The vehicle was equipped with the Mattei model M111H, the single-stage rotary vane compressor, suitable for continuous use. The compressed air produced feeds the filter cleaner device and all hydraulic tools mounted on the suction excavator.

“Given the specific requirement forwarded by Longo, we identified the M111H compressor as the best solution, driven by hydraulic motor, with a maximum rotation speed of about 1800 rpm and a remote cooling system fitted with electric fans powered by 24V DC voltage battery," said Flavio Molinari, Sales Director at Ing. Enea Mattei SpA. "We supplied Longo with a naked compressor unit that was easily installed on the vehicle.”

The advantages of Mattei

Longo equipment is required to operate in very harsh working conditions, including dirty and dusty environments.

For the application requested by Longo, Mattei has equipped the M111H model with a high efficiency suction filter.

“The filter retains solid particles of up to 3 microns, which could, if aspirated by the compressor, cause significant damage to its functions,” said Flavio Molinari.

Thanks to the integration of all the components, such as the compression unit, oil tank, oil separator, valve group and oil filter in one single unit, the M111H is surprisingly compact in size.

“Among the advantages of this machine, its compact size has been a huge benefit, as this allows for quick and easy installation," said Lacitignola. "In addition, the low rpm feature guarantees a reduced noise level of the vehicle, the reliability and efficiency of the machine that, at present, has only required routine maintenance provided by a Mattei service centre on the territory."

Innovation for the environment

“The Longo products are renowned for their reliability, ease of use and maintenance," said Lacitignola. “The excellent results have been achieved, not only with the use of technologically advanced production machinery with the collaboration of experts in this sector, but also thanks to the careful selection of the best partners, including Mattei.”

Innovation and respect for the environment are values shared by these two companies and something that has strengthened their collaboration.

“For Mattei, energy saving is a very important concept that leads all of its production to search for solutions that have the least environmental impact," said Flavio Molinari. "The supply contract with Longo has allowed us to test this feature of Mattei compressors and implement the efficiency of vehicles which, given their ecological nature, aim to reduce the environmental impact quite considerably."


The M111H Mattei compressor is a single-stage rotary vane compressor, lubricated and suitable for continuous use. The integration in one single body of the compression unit, oil tank, oil separator, valve group and oil filter, makes the unit exceptionally compact and easy to install. These compressors can be driven by electric, oil-dynamic, endothermic motors or by power take-offs.

Unlike the “MC” models, the oil cooling unit is not integrated in the compressor for the the “M” models. This allows positioning of the radiator in a place that better meets the requirements of the manufacturer of the machine it is assembled on.

All “M” and “MC” units for OEM applications can be equipped with a high-performance suction filter capable of filtering solid particles of up to 3 microns with a filtering efficiency of 99%; this allows the machines to be used in environments where the air contains solid microparticles that, if suctioned into the unit, could compromise its performance. The filter can be installed in “cool” and clean environments to improve compressor performance.

The “M111H” compressor is able to deliver air at speeds ranging from 1000 to 2500 rpm, at a maximum operating pressure of 13 bars, with a capacity ranging from 2500 to 5600 litres/min. The standard compressor is equipped with a hydraulically controlled modulating suction valve, capable of delivering at a constant rotational speed, the amount of air required by the plant system. This means the compressor can rotate continuously delivering air at a constant pressure.

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