Marini Quarries Group

Marini Quarries Group among the top Italian industries to have chosen Mattei compressors

The pairing of the Marini Quarries Group drilling and cutting machines and the Ing. Enea Mattei SpA rotary vane compressors led to this 20 year long Made in Italy partnership that has been consolidated over time.

In its headquarters in Val d’Ossola, where over 30 years ago the first units were implemented in local quarries and those nearby in Switzerland, Marini Quarries Group now manufacturers machines and equipment for drilling and diamond wire cutting, which are also exported worldwide. Over the last few years the Group has also branched out to include compact and versatile machines for applications in the civil engineering sector, such as anchorage, earth consolidation and rockfall protection installation operations.

“About 10 years ago, Marini faced a huge switch in focus towards the civil engineering sector, to the extent where the production destined to this market currently accounts for 50% of total turnover," said Massimo Ferraro, Technical Manager and Director of Marini Quarries Group Srl. "Our machinery, the result of a consolidated know-how, always keep abreast of the times. In 2005 we started producing hydraulic machinery that, thanks to their compactness and lower costs, partly replaced the pneumatic machinery. Furthermore, we were the first to design and build completely radio controlled vehicles, with a huge positive impact on the ease of use of the machinery and also on operator safety levels."

Advanced technology and top quality production are the foundations of excellence on which the Marini Quarries Group systems are built, making soundness, practical use and attention to detail the Group’s trade mark.

“Our factory plant is equipped with a complex structure that manages every production phase, from design and engineering through to after-sales support services. Marini pays utmost attention to all those elements that join force to build quality products and maintain high standards over time," said Ferraro. "For the compressors on certain unit mainly hydraulic versions, we chose a frontrunner supplier in this sector, Ing. Enea Mattei S.p.A."

A versatile product: Mattei passes the Marini “test”

“One of the reasons that convinced us to choose Mattei, is the vast selection and versatility of the range that responds to the various demands and requirements of our hydraulic systems," Ferraro said. "We mount Mattei compressors with excellent results on both bank-side drilling and block drilling machinery, such as the remote-controlled self-propelled hydraulic unit Baby Giraffa, or the oil-hydraulic block cutter I Drill, and tracked machinery of different sizes designed for the civil engineering sector."

Mattei supplies MC series compressors to Marini that are already equipped with hydraulic drive systems, in different sizes and air capacities and featuring an integrated compressor oil cooling unit.

“It is vital to supply a 'key in hand' product to our customers," said Flavio Molinari, Domestic Sales Manager at Ing. Enea Mattei SpA. "Our relationship with Marini goes back a long way: we know their requirements and particularities and this allows us to calibrate every single feature of our compressors to meet such demands."  

“The compressor we receive from Mattei arrives completely finished and ready for installation, without underestimating the fact that the assembly operations are very simple. These are fundamental aspects for the correct functioning of the entire system” said Ferraro. “A compressor that exceeds all expectations.”

By definition, quarry and construction site environmental conditions are often extremely harsh and require the use of vehicles and machinery that are able to guarantee high performance and safety levels.

“One of the main problems of this type of application is the presence of solid micro-particles in the air (generally marble dust) which, if suctioned, could compromise the functioning of the machine. To face this specific requirement, we have equipped our MC models with a high-efficiency suction filter system," said Molinari.

Another difficulty is posed by the steep slopes on which the Marini machinery are required to operate, explained Ferraro: ““The typical quarry step structure, and loose uneven earth in construction sites put every part of our machines to the test. We have never encountered malfunctions on Mattei compressors, even when the slopes are much steeper than the allowed level, additional evidence of their reliability and efficiency."

“The layout of the oil injection lubrication system of a Mattei compressor is designed so that it will not compromise operational functions, even in the presence of steep slopes, thanks to the conformation of the oil chamber. This feature guarantees high performance levels even in harsh environmental conditions,” concluded Molinari.

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