Mattei compressors from the Classic range are working tirelessly on the Pirelli tyres at the most important motorcycling events on the European circuit. It’s an operation that takes place on the innovative “mobile workshop trailers”, developed by Pirelli, in collaboration with its strategic partner Promoidea. 


Compactness, silence, reliability and durability in intensive work-cycles: for these qualities, the Mattei rotary vane technology was chosen by Promoidea SpA for the supply of compressed air on the Pirelli vehicles specially-designed for the handling of the race tyres in the motorcycle sector.

Promoidea, based in San Marino, together with the support of RSSE srl, based in Rimini, have carried out the activity of Racing Service on behalf of the Pirelli giant in the motorcycle sector since 2002. With 27 employees and a turnover of over €3m per year, Promoidea has built up a lot of know-how when it comes to race-track environments. “We have always had a great passion for engines and this did not go unnoticed by Pirelli: with the support of our motor-racing services we have improved the brand positioning as an undisputed leader in Superbike. In 2014 Promoidea won the Pirelli award as the best Motorsport supplier; an award that filled us with pride”, says Egidio Rossi, CEO of Promoidea.

Since 2004 Pirelli has been the only tyre supplier for the World Superbike championship, and by their side, providing technical and logistics assistance, there has always been Promoidea. 

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This partnership has also given rise to the design of special-purpose vehicles for all tyre-related activities at European motorcycle races, from their transportation, to their inflation. “We have contributed to the creation of innovative, highly-functional vehicles which are used for the European races of the WSBK championship along with other prestigious events such as the great French classic Le Mans 24 hour or the Bol d’Or”, continues Rossi. “On the inside we have also specifically designed trolleys that facilitate the handling of the tyres and optimise the storage space. This speeds up operations between one race and the next and reduces the total number of vehicles needed, reducing the environmental impact. Each year our technicians handle around 35,000 tyres”. 

On board these innovative mobile garages, Mattei compressors contribute to “working” the tyres in record time. “Mattei has been with us since the beginning of this adventure in 2002. We preferred rotary vane technology for its unquestionable advantages, which have also made the Mattei compressors into a winning investment over time” says Rossi.

“We supplied Promoidea with 16 ERC compressors from the Classic range. They are open-frame machines with a power of 2.2kW, specially designed for the auto motive sector” adds Flavio Molinari, Mattei Sales Manager for Italy.

“Firstly the Mattei compressors have very small dimensions which allows us to optimise space within the Pirelli vehicles. Each trailer is equipped with two Mattei compressors but we always carry an extra spare one on a mobile cart, in order that we can easily substitute it if required. Secondly the Mattei compressors are very quiet meaning we can reduce the noise levels, and consequently the stress levels, during the hectic race-days. Pirelli_Diablo-Superbike_1.jpg

Finally, their great reliability allows us to operate them continuously without any drop in performance, for each and every race where we can be working for up to 14 hours consecutively, mounting, removing, inflating and balancing tyres”, explains Rossi.

“In addition to the silence owing to the lack of vibrations, our compressors deliver a superior, dry, clean air. Important characteristics in an intense working environment with long working hours such as the Pirelli trucks”, continues Molinari, “Furthermore, thanks to the direct coupling of the motor and the compression unit and the low rotation speeds, the Mattei compressors as well as being very efficient, reduce the number of required interventions and subsequent maintenance costs. Finally, all ERC series compressors are fitted with special modulating proportional intake valves which ensures the air supply si delivered at a constant pressure whatever the load conditions. The compressed air flow varies from 0 to 100%, thereby avoiding numerous stop-starts”.
“Over the years we have received numerous offers from other compressor suppliers, but we haven’t had reason to change. Since 2002 the Mattei compressors have always been reliable, requiring only periodic preventative maintenance interventions from the Mattei service centres. Today we buy original spare parts that our technicians can replace with ease thanks to the simplicity and accessibility of the compressor’s compact design”, concludes Rossi.

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