A rustproof relationship ... like stainless steel

Since the 90s the Mattei compressors have accompanied Siderinox in the production of stainless steel tubes, supplying the compressed air required for all automation operations.

Special tubes for various applications

Established in 1968, Siderinox SpA is a company specialised in the production of longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes with a significant presence at an international level. Its products are used in many areas of application, boasting high quality certified at a European level according to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard: food, chemical, paper, building, architectural decoration and high-tech plant engineering are just some of the sectors in which the Siderinox tubes are used.
The heart of its business operations is concentrated in the historical headquarters in Caselle di Morimondo, in the county of Milan, where the factory plants dedicated to the various phases of the production cycle cover a total area of 65,000 square metres, 40,000 square metres of which indoors: the longitudinal strip cutting, the production of stainless steel tubes with Tig and Laser welding, the automatic pickling and satin-finishing and polishing of the inside and outside of the product.

A partnership with Mattei and Air Bonaita lasting over 25 years

Since 1990 Siderinox has chosen the Ing. Enea Mattei SpA rotary vane compressors as a source for systems and industrial equipment that require compressed air.
“Through Air Bonaita, a company with extensive experience in the pneumatic automation industry and compressed air systems, over 25 years ago we were introduced to the Mattei rotary vane technology. Since then we have remained loyal to this brand, which immediately distinguished itself with its high levels of reliability and efficiency” says Paolo Sassi, of the consulting firm DSP Srl, who has been technical and production manager at Siderinox SpA for many years.
Mauro Carsana of the Air Bonaita Group, historic retailer of Mattei compressors, is of the same opinion: “The extreme reliability and undisputed efficiency of the Mattei compressors, were the reason that prompted me to personally propose this solution to Siderinox. I have known Mattei products for many years and have had the chance to witness their high level of field performance: the quality of the components and the low rotation speed ensure a significant reduction in consumptions and maintenance, making the purchase of Mattei compressors an excellent investment over time”.

High-performance compressors

Over the years, Siderinox has purchased several Mattei compressors from the AC, ERC, MAXIMA and OPTIMA series. “The two compressor rooms use two separate distribution rings which are however also communicating in the event of failure or malfunction, in order to safeguard the continuity of the production cycle - explains Paolo Sassi - To support the growing development of production, a third room has been built and equipped with a highly efficient MAXIMA series 110 kW power compressor, which is able to run trouble-free and also very quietly on a 24/7 basis”. “Siderinox also uses 132 kW power OPTIMA series compressors. A model that thanks to the variable speed feature is able to adapt its operations to the load profile required by the compressed air system, ensuring maximum energy savings” adds Mauro Carsana.

Reliable and competent support service

Not only high-quality compressors, but also a support service worthy of note, as Mauro Carsana explains: “One of the Mattei pluses is the ability to assist the customer in choosing a compressor and throughout the working life of the same. I have known Mattei for over thirty years and I appreciate its values, along with the quality of its products. We have developed an excellent synergy with Air Bonaita founded on the same corporate philosophy of supplying customers with the best possible service, even after the sale of the product”.
“We have scheduled half-yearly audits for all compressors in use, thanks to which the machines have maintained their performance over time - adds Paolo Sassi - We have been Mattei customers for over 25 years and can confirm our satisfaction not only regarding the superior quality of its compressors but also the competence and the professional conduct which Mattei, through its reseller Air Bonaita, has always showed towards us”. 

Air Centre Compressors 

Designed for 24 hour a day operations in small to medium industrial use, with consistent performances, the AC series compressors are reliable, compact and quiet. Their design is simple and functional: they are equipped with a modulating proportional intake valve, that makes it possible to deliver air at a consistent pressure and operate even without a tank. They offer reduced maintenance costs and energy consumption, as well as a high quality of air. With outputs of from 7.5 kW to 250 kW, they are available in the standard and PLUS versions with an integrated air dryer. 

Classic Compressors

The open frame ERC compressors are used in many different industries, including energy, manufacturing and automotive sectors. The machines are available assembled on a base or air tank with outputs of from 1.5 kW up to 55 kW. They are delivered complete with air cooler, separator and electronic condensation discharger. Their low noise level also means they can be used in stations without a soundproofing canopy.

MAXIMA compressors

The high efficiency compressors of the MAXIMA Series are designed to run the compression units at just 1,000 rpm and are able to operate for over 100,000 hours. The excellent air quality is guaranteed by a filtering system boasting a specific efficiency equal to 99%, while the three-phase oil separation system is able to reduce the oil passage in the air to <1 ppm. The High-Efficiency compressors reduce the use of oil by about a third and use half the amount of lubricant requi-red by a conventional rotary screw com-pressor. They are available with outputs of from 30 kW to 160 kW.

OPTIMA compressors 

The variable speed compressors of the OPTIMA Series automatically adjust its ope-rations according to the load profile. The compressor inverter automatically controls the rotary speed of the motor to ensure that the air emitted from the system always cor-responds to the real-time demand.
With direct coupling and outputs of from 11 kW to 200 kW, the OPTIMA series compres-sors have undoubted advantages in terms of reliability and endurance, a decrease in interventions and also maintenance costs. They are also environmentally friendly thanks to a very low use of lubricant com-pared to that of conventional screw com-pressors.


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