A well-managed compressor room designed and built to perfection, allows you to obtain high-quality compressed air, even in the most aggressive working environments such as the production and processing of compound stone (quartz) products. That’s the case for the Czech company, Technistone®, where Mattei compressors and the local distributor, Mondo, work together perfectly.

State-of-the-art precision

After around two decades of collaboration, we have now switched to the third generation of Mattei compressors installed at our factory. The reason for this continued choice: first, dependability. Then the low maintenance costs, energy-efficiency and reliability of the machines, which are well suited to the frenetic work pace of a company like ours, active 24 hours a day, seven days a week”. The comments of Tomáš Duda, Chief Technical Officer at Technistone a.s., a leader in the European production of engineered stone, which is used mainly as kitchen countertops, as well as bathroom wall and floor tiles.

Technistone’s headquarters are in Hradec Královè, in the Czech Republic, where the production of Bohemian stone began in the 1990’s. The company has since undergone a phase of continuous development, which led it to deliver a record turnover of €33m in 2017. “Today we export 90% of our production to over 75 countries, across all five continents. We have a strong position in Europe and are one of the main players on the global stage” continues Duda. “Our products which have a quartz base; the material of the future, are the result of intensive R&D, into delivering both high standards of quality and safety; as well as paying particular attention to the environment, which has earned us many certifications over the years. Our clients also appreciate the high level of customisation of our products and the after-sales service”.

TechnistoneThe path of rapid growth was taken with Mattei, first chosen as a partner almost 20 years ago, and re-confirmed in 2016 as part of the renovation of the compressor room. “Production has increased, and with it the demand for compressed air, so much so that we had to move on from machines such as ERC 1022H at 22kW, to higher power machines such as the AC 45L at 45kW and the Maxima 75 at 75kW. For our production process, compressed air is vital, like blood to the human body. It supplies all our pneumatic devices, such as valves and cylinders, every phase of the industrial process, from the transport of raw materials to the polishing operations. Our plant today boasts a highly efficient compressor room; with the Mattei compressors working perfectly at full capacity, together with the compound stone processing machines of the Italian company, Breton. All carefully supervised by Mondo”.

Mondo s.r.o. is the partner of Mattei in the Czech Republic and took care of all the finite details for the installation. “Technistone was one of the first clients for whom we delivered the complete supply and installation of Mattei compressors”, commented Miloslav Dočkal, co-founder of Mondo. “Given the high concentration of contaminant particles connected with the stone processing, it was initially necessary to equip the ERC with high-efficiency intake filters. In 2016, during the compressor room expansion, the client then made available a clean and well-sized room, where the compressors will work in the best possible conditions”.

Mondo has done a great job of installing new machines and air ducting, whilst providing us with excellent technical support during routine maintenance, helped also by the proximity of our company” confirms Duda.

The Technistone compressor room was designed to the letter. The environment is welcoming and well-structured. Next to the Breton machines are two AC 45L and two Maxima 75 with which we set the pressure and the humidity level along with a dryer. This last piece plays a fundamental role because it reduces condensation to a minimum, supporting the good working and long hours providing the manufacturer with continuous supply of compressed air. Thanks to the remote control system and regular servicing every six months, the system has always worked to perfection” adds Jiri Grossman, Technical & Commercial Director at Mondo.

We are very satisifed with the Mattei compressors which provide excellent quality air at stable pressures with minimal residual condensation, ensuring the correct operations of the industrial machinery. Take the example of the GEV machine which supports our research and new colours development. The machine, equipped with 8 pneumatic cylinders, is designed to continually deliver the correct dose of dry pigment required for each slab. Thanks to the quality and reliability of the compressors involved in this phase, we can obtain extremely high standards of quality. Another positive aspect of the Mattei rotary vane technology is the great energy efficiency compared to the competition, which is even higher now with the latest machines we purchased, the Maxima 75” concludes Duda.

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